France · 4 Days · 8 Moments · July 2015

Barbara's odyssey through France

31 July 2015

Late day in Paris. While getting food for the train, I put my coffee down on the counter to pay....all of a sudden a women takes my coffee...I looked at here and said, "that is my coffee!" She started to walk away and walked in a circle and started drinking it!!! The good humored French server joked, "here in Paris we share everything"!! They made me a new coffee.

30 July 2015

Day three morning run and breakfast

29 July 2015

Day two more
Day two

28 July 2015

First day in Paris. A little stressful without Internet. Rode the Big Red Bus and was able to see a lot.
Photos from the train and hotel

27 July 2015

Ok...we are finally here! We were able to successfully navigate the train, the metro, And the city bus in one day. Will take the metro in to Paris tomorrow.
At the train station at 9:00. Taking the train is very relaxing and I feel the best way to travel. It is 10: 30 and we are almost in France. I also notice that people in Europe travel with many large bags. So what I am saying is that they have a lot of baggage. There is an American family that is sitting in front of us. Let me just say they all need Ritalin. Keith and I just made up the Carson drinking game. Of course, Keith has fallen asleep even when the kids in front is singing. Almost here and it is 3:45 Paris time.