Thailand · 8 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Andi & Bara through Thailand

20 May 2017

Woke up to a beautiful breakfast by the water. Today is our last day in Kanchanaburi. We drove 1 hour to get to waterfalls. This hike was crazy... over an hour of hiking to get to the 7 different waterfalls. Thank god that although It was dry season, we were able to swim. We hiked 4km that day in the hot sun then finally swam. We driver all the way to Bangkok.. it was so difficult with all these crazy streets - poor andiel ❀️. Finally gave the car and took taxi to our airbnb. It's gorgeous and on the 32nd floor. We ordered food - uberEats lol (delicious burgers) and bought a bottle of wine. Perfect night!

19 May 2017

Woke up and had amazing breakfast by the river in Kachanaburi. Pick-up by Elephants World. Started by a quick explanation on how these elephants get here (logging, trekking, begging, abuse). Then we fed the elephants a snack and watched them bathe. Afterward we prepared sticky rice for the ones too old with no teeth and can't chew. Good buffet lunch after that.

18 May 2017

Long tail-taxi-plane-drive from Railay to Kanchanaburi

17 May 2017

Phiphi island tour

16 May 2017

Woke up and went for a small hike to Phranang cave beach. On our way we say multitudes of monkeys and even had some babies on our hands. Then we went to the Phranang princess cave (with penis shrine... lol). Went in the water for a bit with big waves but it was pretty dirty. Also, a monkey stole our bag... ran with it and we didn't have time to react!! It stood far and looked in the bag a couple of times. When it realized there was no food (only sunscreen and aloe cream), it literally threw the bag away haha then we went to the pool. We had supper at Thai Traditional Restaurant (shroom shake and tattoo place).

15 May 2017

Today we met early at Railay West for the four islands excursion. We stopped at xxx (where you can walk from one island to the other at low tide), passed by chicken island and snorkelled at xxx. We then went to Poda island for a picnic lunch and sunbathing. We skipped the Phranang beach cave at the end because we decided to do a mini trekking trip out of it tomorrow! We spent the late afternoon in the pool and had supper at West Railay by the beach (soft shell crab...).

14 May 2017

Woke up to such a beautiful day, super sunny and hot! Spent the day in the pool, relaxing, listening to music and having drinks - finally opened the BREEZER (we had a bottle opened after all -.-) We also decided to extend our stay here in west railay beach, and do an excursion to PhiPhi islands instead. We love this hotel! Showered up and headed over to a seafood restaurant -The last bar. Got great cocktails and AMAZING SEAFOOD meal. Sooooo good. Turns out Andiel likes a legit fish cooked 🐟 Bought some wine and ice cream and headed back to watch dexter haha πŸ¦‘πŸ¦πŸŸ

13 May 2017

Relaaaaxing day ahead! Woke up for breakfast - Andi waited 30 min for a poched egg that he never got finally πŸ˜‚ There was a huge storm during breakfast, but that slowly stopped. We headed over to Railay beach where we enjoyed the warm water (a girl got stung by something so we pretended that we were thirsty just to get out of the water!!) Oreo and mango shakes 🍻 Took a kayak for a couple of hours... the tide goes down so quickly so we got stuck in the rocks for sooo long haha. Finally made it back to the beach. Had a chicken kebab after waiting the longest time for the worker haha annnd he barely even spoke English - "chicken supreme" Sunset by the beachπŸŒ… Amazing Indian restaurant at night! Samosas, butter chicken, garlic bread and moutton meat πŸ˜‚

12 May 2017

Today we are leaving Koh-Phangan to head over to Krabi (railay beach). We left at 12 on a ferry, then bus for 3 hours and finally a taxi boat. The view here is so beautiful! Our hotel is gorgeous, it's just by the water. We had a night swim and then had a fancy seafood supper by our hotel. Delicious food!