North America, Asia · 12 Days · 58 Moments · March 2017

Habitat for Humanity trip to Indonesia

26 March 2017

Back in Atlanta... the end to an incredible trip
quick layover in tokyo

25 March 2017

Some more pictures of singapore before our flight
Marina Bay Sands
Back in Singapore
Departure day ... till next time Indonesia

24 March 2017

Final dinner in Yogyakarta
Last day on site as well as some sightseeing

23 March 2017

Dinner day 7
Day 4 of working - This is how most of us feel

22 March 2017

Day 3 on the build site as well as going to see the beach

21 March 2017

Day 5 dinner and walking around Mall
Day two on the build site

20 March 2017

What are you guys building? Where's the sweat?! πŸ˜‚
More from the build site
Dinner day 4
First day on site complete
Day 1 of work

19 March 2017

Back at the market and sightseeing
Lunche day 3
Visiting the Sultan Palace
breakfast day 2
Awesome experience with amazing views - worth getting up at 2 am to see
Ready to start hike up to temple
Ready to start the day - first headed off to the borobudur temple to see the sunrise

18 March 2017

Yay! 2 Bar sightings!!!! πŸ‘€ I see you're traveling in style - ❀️ JEEP! Lani says he wishes u were still home in jamaica ....☺️
Dinner - Curry chicken noodles (forgot to take before picture)
Hindu Temple
More from today's adventures
Lunch - Seafood fried rice and corn soup
Lunch with style - everything is so long expensive
First half of today's adventures
Lunch and sightseeing from yesterday

17 March 2017

I like itπŸ€‘ (Lani wrote that about hotel 🐢)
Looks amazing already Bar! Still would love a "Bar" sighting pls 😝 remember, I'm easy to shop for - I love all colors and everyting! Lol
Chicken and Corn Soup and Fried Chicken Noodles
This is how we all feel and it's only 6pm
View from Hotel balcony
Some walking and sight-seeing - Day 1
First lunch - Seafood Soup, Chicken noodles, Duck, Fish
Finally reached Indonesia...51 hours later
Still waiting in Singapore...two days after departure
Korean chi chicken and fried rice
Dim Sum
Landed in Singapore ... 8 hour layover before final leg to Indonesia

16 March 2017

We luv we sum dim sum!! Much better than Evergreen right??? Dwl
Is airport just? Can we get some interior shots pls especially of u and / or the group?! What kinda food inside? Any cool tech?
Wow how did they know??! Did u special order the shrimp dish????!
Pictures pictures!!!!
I think I slept maximum of maybe 20 minutes but did watch 6 movies all 2 hours long
Landed in Tokyo now onto Singapore

15 March 2017

Tickety toc Im just watching the clock Counting every sheep bug and car Till I hear from my Bar! Hope he found peace and some sleep in the night 12 hours gone and this is just the 1st flight!
The Bearing Strait
First leg of the 36 hour journey
Just a million more miles to go! Can we get a visual of you pls - I've got hoodie shots of you to last a lifetime lol.
Reached Atlanta