South Africa · 4 Days · 9 Moments · June 2016

Balule, South Africa: Operation Wallacea

26 June 2016

Lectures: We had lectures everyday on biodiversity, birds, herbivores, carnivores, elephants and conservation.
Walks: Two armed guides (usually Ian, Chris and Jack) would take us through the reserve on foot, teaching us about the animals and wildlife. On our last walk, we were lucky enough to see a herd of elephants down by the Olifant river
Bird Point Counts: In the mornings, we would drive to three of the bird point count sites. We stood in a circle facing outwards, with one person in the center recording time and birds that have been spotted or heard. All birds are recorded over a 10 minute period. On our last day our bird count was cut short, due to a wild dog we saw while on the truck. Wild dogs are the rarest species in South Africa, there are approximately sixty left in the entire country.
Tracks & Signs: Our guides, Cas and Chris, took us on a walk where they taught us all about tracks and signs. They brought us to a tree which had an impala corpse hanging from the tree
Game Transects: Game Transects are performed from a vehicle traveling over a set route. The objective is to identify and log all game sightings, taking note of what animals were spotted, the composition of their group with regards to age and gender, habitat type, the GOS coordinates, the distance and the bearing.
Habitat Assessments: There are several sites within the reserve and within each site data is collected. There are several components looked at such as tree damage, grass and grazing levels and identification of plants.

24 June 2016

First week, from Friday 24th of June until Thursday 30th of June, we stayed in Balule carrying out activities in the African Bush
All photos taken by Rocio Naval

23 June 2016

First night: stayed in a Hostel called "Moafrika Backpackers"