Singapore, Indonesia · 15 Days · 57 Moments · April 2016

Bali Babble

13 May 2016

Changi again!! Shopping just at this airport was more than the shopping in the 15 day trip!! πŸ’Έ #priceylayover #lastupdate
Flying back Home! Can't wait to see mom and my furry fiendy friends.....!!🐱🐱🐢
The ridiculously expensive ice cream - β‚Ή500 for that and β‚Ή400 for the next!! πŸ’ΈπŸ˜±πŸ˜ #Ngurahraiairport
Get to see so many of these beauties along Bali roads! #radiantram
Early morning shower surprise! Probably came to say goodbyeπŸ™ƒπŸΈ

12 May 2016

Sambhar-Rice for dinner. Pure, deep satisfaction!! πŸ˜‹ #yumyumyum
Traditional Balinese Art Class at the Puri Lukisan Museum. A day well spent. 🎨 #bagofnewskills
Woke up to a lawn full of these!! ❀️ #plumeria

11 May 2016

Hungry hippos?
The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Built in the 1350's - spectacular architecture, splendid forests!! Loved every bit of it! The sacred forest temple is founded on the 'tri hita karana' principle- human & human harmony, human & environment harmony, human & God harmony. #bangon #simpleispowerful #undistortedreligion
Tegalalang Rice Terraces. A small patch of rice terraces made totally touristy. The shopping along the way is more interesting!!! 😬 #shopperalltheway
Woke up to Bhujia cravings!! #bikaneriblood πŸ˜¬πŸ€“πŸ˜‹
Breakfast in the pool. Monkey boy! 😍

10 May 2016

Sukawati art market, Batu Balan stone carving shops, Celuk, the silversmiths village, kite shops, woodcarving shops..... The entire plethora of Bali crafts visited and shopped at in one day!! The Balinese have aced every craft form! #happyfellowcrafter #totallyawed

9 May 2016

Shopping at the Ubud Art Market! #trinketsgalore
The Campuhan ridge walk! Natural beauty lost to construction all around... 😞 #manistheworst

8 May 2016

The Goa Gajah Temple. Ganesh, Shiv and Buddha all in one temple......Magnificent! All the moss, the water and the silence reminds me of the Japanese temples. #myideaofatemple #peaceisprayer
Witnessing the cremation of a Royal!! Apparently we're lucky to be here at this time. #onceinalifetime

7 May 2016

Not just Indian, SOUTH Indian for dinner!! πŸ˜‹ #homefood #lifesgreatestjoys
Private pools are the best!!! #familydip
Finally!! Desi food for lunch at 'Ganesha-Ek Sanskriti' restaurant in Ubud. Dramatic name eh?πŸ› #rotidalzindabad #happybachha
Umaya Villas @ Ubud!! Pretty, earthy, lovely!! πŸΈπŸ•·
A coffe plantation tour and a first taste of Kopi Luwak!! β˜•οΈπŸ’Έ

6 May 2016

Puri Rai Restaurant is a treasure trove of such amazing paintings and some delicious Pizza!! πŸ˜‹πŸ•
3 days, 5 dives! A well worthy trip already! Scuba duba dooooo......!!!
Mt. Agung - one of Indonesia's active volcanoes! Looks like its wearing a cloud crown! #wowviews
Not very far from these shores is the wreck of the USS Liberty which sank during World War II. The wreck hosts an incredibly large variety of marine life. Set against a black volcanic ash floor, the site is a divers dreamland!! 🐑🐒 #shorediving #experienceunparalled

5 May 2016

Dive #3 @ Blue Lagoon, Padangbai!
OK Divers Resort, Padangbai.
Nasi Campur.. Veggie, tasty, wholesome....perfect after dive meal

4 May 2016

Shopping in GT..Beachwear galore!! πŸ‘™
Snorkelling in beach waters!! Good coral and fish sightings right near the shores!! πŸ–
Big breakfast by the pool!! πŸ˜‹β˜•οΈπŸžπŸš

3 May 2016

Amazing dives today - turtles and reef sharks! Never seen a turtle that large; must have been 4 ft. Long! I can do this again and again and again and again...don't even mind the terrible tan this gives me...!! 🐠🐟🐑🐬🐳🐒 #turtlepoint #sharkpoint #underwatermeditaion #perfectharmony #bliss

2 May 2016

Mexican for lunch and dinner #tacocorner #vegfindings
A picture perfect, exceptionally romantic sunset setting!
Cycling around Gili Trawangan! It's so much fun to cycle alongside the beach in this vehicle free island!! The heat was draining though! High temperatures = grumpy me!! 😰🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽
Ice cream by the beach! #wowviews
Kaleydo Villas!! Uber cool... !!
Ghoda Gadi to the Resort... Chal Dhanno!! 🐴
Off to Gili Trawangan by Gili Gili fast boat! πŸ›₯

1 May 2016

Last evening at Jimbaran, dinner by the beach again!!
Tanah Lot. Incredible. Period.

30 April 2016

Sunset @ Jimbaran... Today's silver lining!
Geger Beach. Not worth the drive #taxitroubles
Window shopping at Bali Collection! #luxaryatitsbest
Tried shopping @Seminyak, failed miserably!! #summerbummer 😰
Nasi Goreng for breakfast!! πŸ˜‹ #friedricefreak

29 April 2016

The Kechak dance!! Magical setting,mystical dance...just perfect!! #Aglimpseofhistory #Ramayan #mesmerising
Uluwatu...supremely stunning views. I can look at this all day!! #wowviews
The stunningly pristine waters of the Gunung Payung Beach.... Another hidden gem of Bali and another one with endless steps to conquer!! #fitnesswoes #worthyconquest
The Pandawa beach!! Idols of all the 5 Pandava brothers along with Kunti adorn the walls opposite this beach! #mahabharatconnection
The first of the 3 beaches of day one.... The battle with the never ending flight of steep steps was absolutely worth it. #magicalgreenbowl
First morning in Bali.. A sumptuous breakfast by the pool and a first taste of Gado gado #localcusine #veggieme

28 April 2016

The Sintesa @Jimbaran... Beautiful connecting rooms @ oh so low prices!! #totalpaisavasool #desibuddhi
Visa on Arrival at Denpasar!! To add to the annoyingly long queue are some high pitched weirdos in front of us!! #qwoes
Layover at Changi... I just love this airport... Beautiful and efficient! #lovelayoverhere