Indonesia · 8 Days · 24 Moments · March 2018

bali | stepping into a new journey

31 March 2018

this trip made me realise that my life now has endless possibilities. I started to rediscover that sparkle that I have and noticed how it spreads to others. I noticed how much I actually have myself together despite everything that’s happened. and I definitely won’t be a spinster, I still got it. a loving friend, yoga, dancing, good food, sea turtles, boys, beaches, massages, drinks, blue waters, live music and moody sunsets. well bali that’s a wrap ✌🏽

30 March 2018

we finished the day at sunset point. it’s super chilled with bean bags and a pop up bar. that night there were dj’s and a local reggae band named ulu roots. it was the perfect way to end the trip 🌅
at single fin these american guys sat at our table and invited me to their place for pre drinks before heading out to cashew tree. after tessa left I began walking down the street when a south african guy named hanrick stopped and asked me if I wanted a lift so he came with me. it was a super fun night out meeting a whole bunch of people, drinking and dancing. the next morning hanrick picked me up and we headed to a couple of beaches. he’s in a similar situation as me where his girlfriend of six years broke up with him out of nowhere and this is his first solo travel trip without her.

29 March 2018

tessa had to fly back to sydney so we went to single fin to take in our last bali sunset together. I am so grateful for this woman. she listened to me, had so many wise words, and even just sitting with me in silence I felt so held. she said to me that sometimes we feel like we’re getting buried when we’re just being planted 🌱
we got a hot stone massage which I’ve never had before. obsessed. it was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. we were so chilled out and wanted more so tessa got reflexology and I got a facial afterwards 👣
to clear our mind from the stressful day before we started the morning with some yoga at yoga searcher. I noticed all the teachers here talk about yoga as a moving meditation so I found myself trying to move more slow and mindfully ✨

28 March 2018

we didn’t realise you were supposed to book the boat back a couple of days in advance so we had to go on the later one at 3pm. we spent the morning lounging place to place to kill time. the boat was delayed until 4:30pm. we thought that we had paid for a transfer to kuta but it’s all a big mess when you get back to padang bay and you have to organise a taxi. we were definitely getting hustled. we eventually got to uluwatu sometime after 9pm. not a great day but we learnt some travel lessons 🤭

27 March 2018

we rode our bikes to a few different spots to check out the beach views. the sea and sky were beautiful moody shades of blues. we found a place called karma kayak on the north side of the island for some tapas. they had one of the best chilli sambal I’ve ever had 💙
we chilled out by the pool with fresh pineapple juice. the staff at the lodge were so friendly and accommodating and more than happy to take photos for us 🍍
we got a private boat which was nice so we could take our time in each different spot. we snorkelled and swam with turtles. my heart was melting. it was so beautiful swimming above the turtles and just watching them glide through the water. their pattern on their shells are so intricate too. the next stop we saw this amazing sculpture with fish everywhere and after that swam around a shipwreck 🐢
we got up early to have breakfast before our morning boat trip. rice for breakfast is always my idea of heaven 🍚

26 March 2018

we rode our bicycles to the sunset side of the island to a place called casa vintage beach. they had yummy vegan jamaican style curries and I also had my first bintang. the sunset was stunning. I was so mesmerised with all the pastel shades. it was the best ending to a day of travelling 🌅
we got our horse and carriage to our eco lodge la coco teraie. it’s such a beautiful place to stay on the quieter side of the island. the rooms are glamping tents with sustainability in mind ⛺️
we spent the morning grazing around ubud before our travels to the gili islands. we got a mini bus to padang bay where we got a speed boat to gili trawangan. on the island there are no cars or scooters so you get around by bicycle or horse and carriage 🐴

25 March 2018

we went and got a balinese massage from a lady tessa always goes to when she’s in bali. they use aromatherapy too which made it so relaxing. tessa got a scrub and I got a pedicure and manicure 💅 afterwards we headed to clear cafe for some dinner. I had this yummy vegan mushroom and sundried tomato pasta. oh and I ordered a side of garlic mashed potatoes because who doesn’t love mashed potatoes?
we walked into the rice fields. there were so many shades of green. it’s funny because it looking out was so peaceful but when you turned around it was chaotic with all the restaurants and shops looking over it from the main road 💚
dede took us to a big swing that looks over the tegallalang rice terrace. it was a novelty for sure but not a must do if you’re on a budget. we went on the couples swing which was cute 🌿
we explored the markets and bought some lovely crocheted tops and some flowy jumpsuits. most prices go down 75% so you must definitely have to haggle. we also bought lots of fruit to take to the gili islands 🌺
tessa remembered a place to eat that she really enjoyed last time named alchemy so we went there. it’s all raw vegan food so we had some delicious sushi rolls, quiche and smoothies 🍱
after class we went for a big walk to a cafe named sari organik that one of my students sandra recommended but it was closed. ubud is so lush but also has a lot of cool street art too. we saw a dog across the street that just looked so happy. I would be that happy too if I lived in ubud 🐶
in the morning we headed to yoga barn as tessa had a class pack to use from her housemate. we went to a slow flow. I liked when the instructor said that the teacher is only 1% the teacher and the student 99% teacher. your body is the teacher and even though the name of the pose is the same the pose itself is different each time 🧘‍♀️

24 March 2018

we had our first indonesian meal at a place named nomad. lumpia (funnily enough the same name as in the philippines), nasi goreng, gado gado, laksa (not indonesian) and a dragonfruit cocktail. oh my, it tasted like there was five shots in that drink! we ordered a virgin one to try and dilute ours but it didn’t seem to get any weaker 🍹
tessa had booked us into a yoga workshop at radiantly alive with a teacher named meghan currie about journeying and coming back to your roots and yourself. I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning with a suit of heavy armour on. I wasn’t prepared for this massive change in my life. he made all the choices and decisions without me so I’ve felt so much fear of the unknown. but rather than sinking I need to step into the water, this mysterious, terrifying & gorgeous water. throughout the class the words that kept repeating in my head were: I am beautiful. I am worthy of love. we are made of that beautiful dust you see glistening in the sunlight. life happens and it throws it up it the air and when this dust comes back down it doesn’t settle to where it used to be. it’s changed. so here’s to the journey to myself 🍃
hello bali 👋🏽 I arrived in denpasar to a crowd of people holding signs when I heard this little voice call “kristy”. it was my beautiful girl tessa coming to pick me up. it was nearly a year ago that I last saw her at bluesfest in byron bay. we bought some snacks and hit the road with our driver dede up to ubud. that hour we talked about everything that has happened over the last couple of months. I felt so safe being with her. we got to savira bungalow which was so lush and colourful.