Indonesia · 5 Days · 27 Moments · May 2016

Bali Fun in the Sun

9 May 2016

Had a private cooking session with Chef Eddie on the last morning. I chose to learn how to make chicken betutu, hoping it would taste like the duck betutu we had in Bebek Bengil.

8 May 2016

Boss Man round 2. The driver must have decided that we were complete pigs by this stage, as we had been to Happy Chappy again after La Plancha (he wouldn't have known we were filming rather than eating there though!) then demanded burgers straight after coming out of the Chinese restaurant.
We met up with Alicia for dinner at La Plancha. A colourful party of a restaurant with great food and music.
View from my perch on Kuta Beach. Cold beer and lousy massage (felt like I was paying to get my shoulders molested by someone of dubious hygiene)...
Since I'm kinda choux obsessed, we got the driver to bring us to Poule de Luxe to take out a selection of cream puffs. Yummy!!!
Finally got to try Happy Chappy! The roast duck was to die for! We also ordered fried seaweed which was an old favourite from my UK days. Nice to have Dim Sum trolleys around again too.
Another beautiful morning in Bali
No consistency! Where's my asparagus?!!!

7 May 2016

Oh man! Boss Man for the best burgers in Bali!
Next destination was the rice terraces. It started raining soon after our arrival, so we hid in a restaurant (outdoor pavilions again) until the weather passed.
Smoked duck at Bebik Bengil. We had our own private pavilion next to padi fields. Needless to say, we were not hungry, having had breakfast and babi guling fairly recently. But as the smoked duck needed 24 hour reservation (very painful) and they had insisted on a specific dining time, we turned up and decided to try our best. One taste of the duck and the appetite woke up! Definitely worth the hassle of ordering.
Monkeying around in Ubud
Balinese temple in the heart of the monkey sanctuary
Babi Guling with extra crispy skin at Ibu Oka.
Morning at The Dipan

6 May 2016

Sunset on Seminyak beach
The incredible feast we prepared in just a couple of hours!
Snacks before the food prep
Tour of the local market before cooking class at Warung Nia
Breakfast at The Dipan

5 May 2016

Our dinner at Jimbaran was horrible and expensive... the highlight of the meal was the barbecued corn i picked up from a beach hawker for $1 a piece. The grilled fish from the restaurant was expensive and totally tasteless. Very disappointed.
The famous kecak dance with it's hypnotic rhythm.
Beautiful scenery at Uluwatu
Sun, sea and sand at Pandawa Beach. Very, very, very HOT!
Abandoned plane
Early lunch at Warung Nia with the best pork ribs in Bali and satays that were pretty damned good too!
Our first time staying in a villa! This is a 3 bedroom villa in The Dipan resort in Bali's Seminyak region. There were 2 rooms downstairs sharing one bathroom,and a huge master bedroom with en-suite upstairs. The downstairs area also contained a kitchenette and sitting area, overlooking the villa's private lap pool.