Indonesia · 10 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

Bali august 2017

16 August 2017

Our time in Bali all in one picture. Surf&turf, nusa dua

14 August 2017

While walking over the beautiful beach of nusa dua we’ve found a small hidden path where we’ve seen Some beautiful parts of the sea and it’s nature.
Found a really nice beachclub named “surf&turf” at nusa dua beach.

13 August 2017


12 August 2017

Had a short surfingclass. 2 hours of lessons and after that one hour on my own. I’m by sure the worst surfer ever. Eventough our instructors were really great

9 August 2017

Probably the best Soto ayam ever. Found a little wooden shred up the Hill near the water temple.

8 August 2017

Decided to get my first tattoo. I’ve been searching on the internet for the best tattoo shops in Bali before going there. One of the best ones seemed to be close near or resort. I’ve decided to go there immediatly and had to wait half an our for them to finish my sketch. The people in the tattoo shop were really friendly and nice. I’ve still got contact with them and am going back there this June. When you’re in Bali and want to get a tattoo, I can really reccomend Kings Tattoo.

7 August 2017

Sacred monkey forest, Ubud.
Sacred monkey forest, Ubud. 100% in my element.
The beautiful streets of Ubud. You’ll see flowers in front of every house as an offer to keep the bad spirits away and honour the gods. Monkey are walking over the streets what I really loved altough they can be very agressive.