United States of America · 10 Days · 9 Moments · August 2017

SoCal Vacation

14 August 2017

Another great day! We did Disneyland and did so much. We ran into cousin Tony right away in the morning and rode the Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Mark Twain river boat before our character breakfast! Connor hated Captain Hook but loved everyone else. A few more rides, the Dapper Dans and then we went back to the room to nap. Back to the park where we got to see Mickey and Minnie, the flag retreat and rode lots of rides. Our Fantasmic! Dinner was delicious BBQ and a chair for the show and fireworks! Connor and Peter went back to the room and Mom and I went to Haunted Mansion! It was down all day and we didn't think we would not be able to ride it this trip! But it was up and running. It was an amazing vacation. Mom is now really hurting and having muscle spasms but she said it was worth it! Please pray she starts feeling better soon!

12 August 2017

California Adventure!

11 August 2017

We had a few relaxing days! BBQ with Cousin Vicki and family, plus Tony. Connor enjoyed the pool. Went to Irvine Regional Park, which is the greatest park I have ever been too. Saw the chiropractor, ate Habit Burger. Checked out of AirBnb and checked into Castle Inn. Then met up with Grandma!

8 August 2017

Visited the USS Midway Museum after the zoo! It was amazing! Connor and Peter loved the flight deck! My favorite was the medical and dental bays!
San Diego Zoo! Connor loved the polar bears, monkeys, and the turtles!

7 August 2017

Huntington Beach!

6 August 2017

A fun day at Knott's Berry Farm!

5 August 2017

Our plane took off this morning! Arrived at LAX, and then drove to John Wayne International Airport to pick up our luggage! Quick stop at In N Out Burger, top priority on this trip. As delicious as it was it made Connor sick. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the Airbnb condo and ordered pizza and wings for dinner. The wings were really spicy and Connor was the first to try them. Licking his arm seemed to help.

4 August 2017

Connor and I were suppose to fly out Friday night, but after the plane taxied out to the runway it was clear we wouldn't make it to Orange County before the noise ordinance curfew. Our flight was cancelled and many Disneyland bound children were heartbroken! We then had the pleasure of waiting 2 hours to get a refund and book another flight. Connor refused to sleep through any of it!