Germany · 3 Days · 14 Moments · July 2016

Bailey's adventure in Germany

3 July 2016

hiked up a giant mountain to see the whole city, and different views of the town
heidlburg castle
wine barrels in castle

2 July 2016

had bratwurst, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes for dinner and I gagged at the smell of sauerkraut but sausage and potatoes were ok
dausau was interesting to see. the flat area used to be barracks, 30 on each side. by the end they become overcrowded and had around 2,000 people in each.
ate on a rooftop cafe for lunch and got a mozzarella basil Flatbread type pizza and a mango strawberry smoothie
BMW museum, we went in the "BMW welt."
visited a palace that was massive and was only for a summer home

1 July 2016

Had French fries, Snitzel, pork, and BBQ pork. it was ok but not the best
random places in the city, very spread out and nice parks. the streets didn't feel like downtown but there were so many people everywhere and the bikers are so aggressive and will run you over and people drive anywhere they want
very pretty church
had some beer at the hofbrahous and it was disgusting so I asked for a water and he came out with a giant mug. the giant mug is what all the locals were drinking beer from.
had a donut type thing dipped in sugar for a snack and a fruit drink with passion fruit, orange, and mango. she made it in front of us and just put fresh fruit through a blender and all the juice was the drink
first stamp