Australia · 97 Days · 15 Moments · October 2017

A Dozen Happy Feet & Four Paws.

30 January 2018

Jurien Bay, WA A big shout out to Family Affair Cafe. A quirky little family owned/operated cafe, nestled in the heart of the shopping centre area. Owners Ash and Sue, relocated their daughters Lizzy and Anastasia following the tragic passing of their son/brother Ben at age 21. Family Affair Cafe was established in 2016 and named in loving memory of Ben. Ben's favourite song was Family Affair by Bliss and Eso. Being a patron of the cafe many times since conception, I can honestly say we have all enjoyed the menu immensely. the chocolate brownies. I urge everyone to pop in, say hello to all the smiling faces behind the counter and have a cuppa and some. ☺☺

15 January 2018

DAY 4 - 6 14th to 16th January Stay with Grandpa and Grandma Bailey Alta Mare Jurien Bay.

13 January 2018

Day 3 Saturday 13th Jan Geraldton, WA to Leeman, WA. 153km A big shout out to Robyn, Daryl, Kayc & Rick. Thank you for your hospitality & friendship. The best of friends always come unannounced. 😉🤣🤣😘

12 January 2018

Day 2 12th January Carnarvan to Geraldton * Total - 600km today * Diesel - 143.9 Shell Wonthella * Refuel - $184.19 for 128.00 litres * Average Speed - 90km/hr * Wee Stops (WS) - 🌳🌳🌳 * Belair Caravan Park. $55 powered site. * Top Tourist Park & Pet Friendly. BLOODY WINDY here. Today was mixed with some cracker one liners from the kids. So innocent but in context which is scary... Love the sheer and dramatic scenery change. Bush to farm land with a single boundary fence and a harvested golden crop. The wood of the trees are distinctly different. Smooth and shiny, browns & creams. Flowers on large bushes, dead banksia heads & lush green foliage of the large flowerless wattle. * Dinner - a twist on a golden oldy... Brocolini with pan fried honey soy chicken thighs for the kids 👍👍& brocolini with pan fried chicken thighs baked under a traditional potato bake. 👍👍 Lani finally had clothes on, so she gave a great little interview over dinner prep.
Day2 Friday 12th Jan. Minilya Bridge Rest Stop to Carnarvan. * Caltex Starmart - diesel 143.90. Scammers charge fees for a fleet card. 😢😤 * Paid $147.90 for 100.07 litres. * Road House Food - $58.80 (Peter- worst beef gravey roll EVER.) * Wee Stops - 1

11 January 2018

Day 1. Thursday 11 Jan Nanutarra Road House to Minilya Bridge Rest Stop. 327km Free Camp 👍👍 Wee Stops 2 Beautiful fresh air. Slight to moderate breeze of the evening. Needed to change parking angle slightly. Dinner: Something new...gluten free pasta, chopped snags & boiled butter beans in chicken stock. Not too bad. Everyone ate it. Even Winnie got some pasta as I... woopsee... dropped some while trying to drain it. No strainer as our load was too heavy for things like that. 🤣🤣🤣 Yes...outside on the ground. Luckily no one saw, and as I was at the tap at the front of the van, I managed to salvage most of it. would to if you had 5 baby birds to feed. I mean 4 and a husband.🤣🤣 It wasn't dirt. Just bitumen with a few loose stones. Kids loved the freedom of the trees, open air and flat dirt country. Light vegetation where we parked. Bike rides, dog walks, climbing trees and hunting emus, armed with walky-talkies.
Day 1 Nickol, Karratha to Nanutarra. 268km Nanutarra 169.9 c/L (75L, $127.45) Fuel, Food, Frolicking. Road House Feed (lunch) $52.80 Off to lay our hat at Minilya Bridge Rest Stop.
WOOHOO WOO D WHOO WHOOOO. We are off. Roads are open. Thursday 11 Jan.

9 January 2018

🤣🤣🤣 What to do, what to do...

4 January 2018

3 of 4 kids sorted. Too much???

2 January 2018

Peter busting out the boys bunk beds. We are very proud of our design. We've not seen anything as good as this to date. The folding bunk system fits perfectly. Peter has a sharp eye and always takes pride in his workmanship. Peter, "Measure twice and CUT ONCE". Claire, "3 even 4 times...arrrg. Totally worth it though!"

1 January 2018

29 December 2017

Attempt at creating our logo

29 October 2017

So proud of my family. Especially my husband Peter. Thank you for your many sacrifices to give us the very best for our future. 2018...Here we come.

25 October 2017

Our home away from home... 2018, here we come.