Guatemala, Belize · 6 Days · 6 Moments · January 2019

Backpacking Guatemala

13 January 2019

Caves Branch Outpost was a complete adventure we opted for the zip lining & tubing combo and were in heaven as we zipped through 7 lines and got spectacular river views along with some refreshing in the caves which were eerie and stunning at the same time. The Mayans called these caves the underworld, there aren’t any artifacts in these caves like the ATM caves but if your looking for something more low key this is the tour to do. You will see many trees along the trail as you hike to the cave, it’s a pretty easy hike if I say so myself. We saw mahogany trees, cashew, gumbo limbo, poison wood, prickly yellow and more. We also got to see some big bamboo chicken which are big lizards orange in color. Overall we recommend this tour with our local tour guide friend Jeremy he was so knowledgeable and fun to hang out with all day.

10 January 2019

Today is the perfect day to get in the Temazcal, I’m a little under the weather. It was actually better than a sauna, it’s more like and aromatic oven. The vapor really opened up my sinus’s and the ginger tea gave me a punch of wellness. The indigenous people used this sweat lodge as a place of healing and meditation. We went in for 15 minutes got out for 15 minutes and then went back in for the same. This ritual is used for health benefits and purification and it did actually make me feel better.

8 January 2019

So I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with Tropic Air the short flight to Flores was picturesque and smooth. We safely arrived in Flores and were able to get some pretty awesome photos and videos of the vegetation from the sky. It’s a really beautiful and green experience and as you fly over lake Petén your just in awe of the turquoise waters.
If your hungry like we were from a long flight and your at Philip S.W. Goldson Airport waiting to connect like we were on Tropic Air you must have a meat pattie from Cafe BZE! BOMB! We had the Jamaican Jerk chicken patty and loved it! It’s a fried meat patty with stuffed spicy Jamaican jerk chicken they also had beef patties and other different variations it really beats Patty’s pastries outside which I had to toss because my coconut empanada had a hair in it! 😫
We are so excited our backpacking adventure has begun! We started off in Los Angeles boarded our 2hr and 45 minute flight to Houston and then had a short connection in Houston where we flew for another two hours. We are now about to board our short flight to Guatemala on Tropic Air and start in Flores Peten where we will then backtrack into Belize and end in the Cayes!
Arriving at Mundo Maya Airport was exciting we have finally made it to Flores! The weather is pretty sweet it’s not humid or hot and there’s a nice breeze. The airport is brand spanking new and the immigration check-in was super fast. Our bags were checked by officials and our passports where thoroughly looked at it’s kind of scary when you see officials with their guns drawn but I’m used to it being that I am originally from El Salvador.