Asia, Australia and Oceania, North America · 38 Days · 26 Moments · August 2016

Back to Okinawa 20 Aug 16 - 26 Sep 16

26 September 2016

Made it to Hawaii. Stayed with the Haywood's for the day before going back to the terminal for our flight to Travis to begin the U.S road trip. Aimi also got to meet back up with her friends and Chikuwa the cat used his cat house for the first time in Okinawa

26 September 2016

Just landed in Guam! 4.5 hour layover and then catching the next flight to Hawaii
Catching a C-5 to Guam. Hopefully will arrive in about 4 hours! Then the journey to Travis AFB continues!!

25 September 2016

Tried to catch a flight to Guam to go to Travis AFB, to drive to Seattle but waited 12 hours in the airport and the flight was cancelled!! Will try again tomorrow

22 September 2016

Took Aimi and the wifey to Kadeshi Springs for a quick dip and found some banana trees blooming near the pond. Also caught a river prawn and brought it back to the fish tank. Gonna have to take him back because he is too big!

21 September 2016

First day of holding my retirement ID card and then headed over to Tricare on Kadena to change health plans. Aimi wanted to take a picture with the Shisa dog

20 September 2016

Big Dip Day at Blue Seal, Aimi Rockin her new headphones and a little shopping at Daiso

19 September 2016

Aimi decided to help out painting the wall today. Not sure she got much on the wall!!

12 September 2016

Started some of the black trim on the house today, still debating if I should have chosen a different color besides black
Fixed the pipe on the roof, sanded off the rust and repainted to prevent further damage. Also got some more grey on the house today

11 September 2016

Aimi and Harumi went back to Hawaii to visit some friends before the long U.S trip. Aimi is happy to see her old friends

10 September 2016

Went to Blue Seal Ice Cream Parlor. On the 10th and 20th of every month there is a 3 scoops for 1 scoop price! Of course I'm gonna go when there is ice cream!!

9 September 2016

Found a Japanese/Foreigner tennis group and went and played a few games, about 15 people were there. Good times and some good activity

8 September 2016

Met up with an old high school friend who is in town on business. Went out to eat at Cheers Bar in Chatan before he left out

5 September 2016

Today started out slow but I tried to beat the rain and do a little painting on the house. After that was finished, bought a new bed to create more space in the small bedroom

4 September 2016

Aimi checkin out the hardware store dad. Love spending time in the hardware store trying to find things to do at home

3 September 2016

Aimi making "soup" from outdoor stuff and Jiichan back to work, first tile job since he has been sick. Did a great job

1 September 2016

Aimi working with dad to help clean out the gutter and helping mom paint Aimi's converted kitchen.

28 August 2016

Inbu Beach with Mrs. Eri, and Mika's family and friends

27 August 2016

Ta-Taki Falls and NEO park visit

25 August 2016

Playing make believe in the old kitchen caninet

23 August 2016

Aimi and I after having some drinks at starbucks, we went walking around and found Churakaji. Here we are able to make things together and it was fun making out new candle!
Went to Kokusai Street and found a place called Fukurou Rakuen. This place had about 10 different owls that you could pet! Aimi loved it and didn't want to leave
Took Aimi to Yoza Gawa today and caught some small guppies and some shrimp for the fish tank

21 August 2016

Went to watch the band Civilian Skunk today

20 August 2016

Landed at Naha Airport and Aimi went crazy for the fish