8 Days · 4 Moments · January 2018

Baby Trip's adventure in Malaysia

25 January 2018

I travelled to Singapore today by plane ✈️ It took about 1 hour to get there. I hope you enjoy my adventures in Singapore! Love, Baby Trip x

23 January 2018

Today I went to Melaka. I travelled by bus and it took 9 hours to get there! 😴 It is a very beautiful town, with old and new buildings 🏘🏢 Lots of people were hanging Chinese lanterns, getting ready for the Chinese New Year. Do you know when that is? 🏮 What did you do for New Year? 🎇🎆 Love, Baby Trip x

19 January 2018

I travelled to Penang, George Town. It took 5.5 hours to get there by bus 🚎 It's an old town with lots of narrow streets. I saw a village on stilts over the sea and walked through a park. Hanging in the park were lots of hot air balloons made by children from the local schools 😁 Love, Baby Trip x

18 January 2018

Today I went to see the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. They are the tallest twin towers in the world! 🏙🌏 They were built in 1998 and stand at 452 metres. Lots of people work here and there is a big shopping mall at the bottom. I went to the sky bridge in the middle (175m) and walked along, it was quite high! 😬 I then went to the observation deck on the 86th floor at the top and it was really really high! 😱 You can see all across KL with a 360 degree view. Love, Baby Trip x