China · 50 Days · 18 Moments · July 2017

Baby Trip's adventure in China

17 September 2017

I got on a plane today and travelled to Vietnam. It took 1hour and 30minutes ✈️ Look out for my adventures in Vietnam! Love Baby Trip x

16 September 2017

Today I went to see the giant Buddha statue on Lantau island. It is called the Tian Tan Buddha. It is the tallest seated bronze statue in the world, 23m high! To get to him you have to take a cable car 🚠for 30 minutes and walk up 250 steps. It was hard work! πŸ˜… Love Baby Trip x
I met a friend today. It's a big cat called Maneki Neko! 🐈 They have lots of these around China, normally sitting at the entrance of shops. I found out, Chinese people believe they bring good luck to the owner. It originally came from Japan. Can you find me in the picture? πŸ˜† Love Baby Trip x

15 September 2017

Today I went to the top of the mountain on Hong Kong island. It was amazing!!! I went up on an old tram (125 years old) which took 8 minutes πŸš‹ It is the highest viewpoint in Hong Kong, standing at 552m. Love Baby Trip x

7 September 2017

Today I travelled on a wooden boat to a town called Yangshuo πŸ›Ά The boat was made out of bamboo and it took 1 hour to get there. I saw lots of hills and mountains β›° On the way I stopped at dragon village 🐲they had lots of coloured umbrellas on their boats β›±Lots of people were selling clothes and things they had made. One woman was using a wooden weaving machine to make a scarf. Love Baby Trip x

5 September 2017

I visited a cave today in Guilin. It's called Reed flute cave. It was given its name because of the reeds that grow outside, people pick them to make flutes. I saw lots of stalactites and rock formations. They were lit with coloured lights. The Chinese people named some of the formations. One of them is called the Snowman, can you see which one? β˜ƒοΈ Love Baby Trip x

1 September 2017

Today I was in Shanghai! There are two sides to the city, the old and the new. I saw lots of tall buildings like London, and at night they put on a light show πŸŒƒ In the old town, they have lots of buildings along rivers. There were people selling crickets in wooden cages. They say it brings you good luck. I also tried some Chinese dumplings. They were filled with beef, pork, shrimp and vegetables, yummy! 🀀The Chinese use chopsticks to eat them with. Love Baby Trip x

30 August 2017

I went on a sleeper train today and travelled to Shanghai. It took 29 hours! πŸšƒ I travelled overnight and slept in one of the cabins 😴 I had the top bunk! 😁 I saw lots of mountains and rivers on my journey β›° Love Baby Trip x

29 August 2017

Today I met the Giant pandas! 🐼 They are part of the amazing bear family. They are most awake early in the morning when they are having their breakfast. They love to eat lots and lots of bamboo πŸŽ‹it keeps them strong and healthy. I saw baby pandas too. They are kept in a nursery until they are a little older. I even saw some Red pandas, they are smaller than the Giant ones. Love Baby Trip x

22 August 2017

These are some pictures of the Terracotta Warriors. There is a kneeling archer, standing archer, middle ranking officer, a soldier and his horse and a general. They have different features and clothes, not two soldiers are the same! I also saw some weapons that they used in battle πŸ—‘βš”οΈ Which soldier is your favourite? Which one would you like to be? Love Baby Trip x
Today I visited the Army of Terracotta Warriors. It's a huge archeological site that was found in 1974. 6000 clay statues of soldiers and horses are believed to be buried here. It is said that the Emperor Qin Shi Huang wanted to be guarded by his soldiers in the afterlife and rule over his lands after death. I walked around 3 pits, starting with the smallest. They are still digging for more buried in the tombs! Love Baby Trip x

20 August 2017

Today I went to the City Walls in Xian. I hired a bike and cycled round the top, it took 2 hours 🚴🏻 You can see the whole city, I felt like a giant! 😁 I wonder if you know how tall the walls are? Love Baby Trip x

10 August 2017

I climbed the Great Wall of China today! It was amazing. 😁 I walked hundreds and hundreds of steps πŸ‘£ and looked out through lots of watchtowers. I even saw an old canon, I wonder what it was used for? πŸ€” Love Baby Trip x

5 August 2017

Today I went to the Summer Palace. It's another huge area filled with temples, gardens and a huge lake in the middle. They had giant Lilly's growing! πŸ˜„ In one of the shops they were selling lots of Chinese kites 🎏My favourite one was the dragon. Love Baby Trip x

3 August 2017

Today I visited the Lama Temple. It's a Tibetan Buddhist Temple where people go to worship and pray. πŸ™πŸ» People were waving incense and praying 3 times before putting them in the fire. Miss Smith helped me to light the incense. I even saw a giant golden Buddha! 😲 Love Baby Trip x
I went to visit the Olympic sports centre today. They held the 2008 Olympics here. The stadium is called the birds nest, I wonder if you know why? I went to the aquatics centre called the water cube, do you know what sports they do in there? I also walked to the other end which took a long time and walked through the Olympic park. It's much bigger than Dunorlan Park! Love Baby Trip x

1 August 2017

I went to the Forbidden City today. It was amazing!!! It took 4hrs to walk around πŸ‘£There were lots of palaces, ancient buildings and temple gardens to visit. I found out, they hold lots of celebrations here, the Emperors birthday and Military parades. Love Baby Trip x

30 July 2017

So my journey begins at Heathrow airport. I travelled to Warsaw in Poland first, ate some vegetable dumplings! Yummy 😁Then I caught a second flight to Beijing, China. It took 8h30m. I watched some films on the plane and had some dinner and breakfast. I arrived in Beijing at 7am, it was very hot πŸ˜… I'm excited to explore the city tomorrow! Love Baby Trip x