New Zealand · 27 Days · 12 Moments · April 2018

Baby Trip's adventure in New Zealand

7 May 2018

I travelled to Wanaka today and walked up Mount Irons β›° It took 1.5 hours to walk round. I then walked round the huge lake and found a tree growing from the water 🌳It's called a willow tree and has been growing for 70 years! I wonder how it grows in the water? πŸ€” Love, Baby Trip x

4 May 2018

Today I travelled to Mount Cook. It's the tallest mountain in New Zealand! πŸ—» I went on 2 long walks for about 5 hours in total. The views were amazing!!! 😍😍😍 I saw lots of glaciers on the mountains, do you know what a glacier is? ❄️ Love, Baby Trip x

2 May 2018

Today I travelled to Queenstown. This is a skiing resort in the winter. It's a lovely big town in amongst the mountains with very beautiful views. Love, Baby Trip x

30 April 2018

I travelled from Milford Sound and along the way I saw several lakes with very still waters. You can see the mirror image very clearly. I stopped at a place called The Chasm, water from the mountains rushing through huge holes. I followed the river down the mountains, I've never seen the water so clear! ☺️ Can you spot the snow at the top of the mountains in the distance? πŸ” Love, Baby Trip x
Today I travelled further up to Milford Sound. I took a cruise for 2hrs and saw lots of beautiful scenery. The boat sailed out to the Tasman sea πŸ›₯ I saw 3 seal pups and bottlenose dolphins along the journey 🐬 😍 It was a really good day out. Love, Baby Trip x

29 April 2018

Today I travelled to Fiordland National Park. I walked around an area called Doubtful Sounds. I found out that a 'sound' means lots of lakes. It was beautiful, I saw mountains in the distance and the water was very clear. You can see a mirror image in one of the pictures! Can you see which one? Love, Baby Trip x

25 April 2018

Today I went on a nature walk and found lots of waterfallsπŸ’§ I went to Purakaunui and Matai falls. I found lots of little ones hidden amongst the trees 🌲🌳 Love, Baby Trip x

23 April 2018

Today I travelled to Dunedin. It's known for its beautiful buildings. It has a Scottish feel to it ☺️ I loved walking around the town and looking at the architecture. One building is called St Paul's Cathedral like the one we have at home β›ͺ️ Do you know where it is in England? Love, Baby Trip x

15 April 2018

Today I walked to the peak of Akaroa. It took 2 hours to walk it! πŸ˜… The views from the top were amazing 😁 Along the way I saw lots of white nests attached to the bushes, do you know what they could be? πŸ€” On the way down I walked through the woods and saw a really big waterfall πŸ’§ Love, Baby Trip x

14 April 2018

Today I went to a beautiful French town called Akaroa. I travelled along a very scenic route through lots of hills β›° The town was right by the water. You can take a boat trip out to deeper waters where people go whale watching! πŸ‹ I wonder what types of whales they have here? Love, Baby Trip x

13 April 2018

I went to the botanic gardens in Christchurch. It was a beautiful day β˜€οΈ I walked all around the park and saw lots of ducks in the water. I even saw a mummy duck with her babies πŸ¦†πŸ₯ I wonder if you can guess what season it is here? Love, Baby Trip x

11 April 2018

I landed in Christchurch, New Zealand 😁 The views were great from the coast. I can't wait to explore this country! Love, Baby Trip x