Austria, Croatia · 74 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Sailing through the South of Croatia

26 September 2017

Next day was - as opposed to the day before - stunning! It was the most beautiful day we were able to spend the whole holiday. If I have to decide were to go again, it would be Bol! We went by a little yellow submarine along the bay 🐠🐟🐡🐬🐙🦑🦀 Few of us tried parasailing 💨 And at least we conquered the highest mountain of the Islands of Croatia - The Vidova Gora ⛰ The Vidova has elevation gain of 778m! And don’t forget about the famous Golden Hornet at only time it wasn’t all over full with people - 5:30 🕠 o’clock in the morning ⛱

18 July 2017

Oooooohhhh I will never forget the crossing to Brač. It was everything else than a smooth passage 🌊 If there isn’t any “Bursa” you can get from Vrbrovska to Bol within 5 hours. However, it took us whole 9 hours (!) to go there because of the heavy sea. The waves were nearly 7ft high! For me, it was very fun to pitch and toss the open sea - but for others it wasn’t, a few of us got sea sick 🤢 The jolliest situation we had on open sea, was that we had lunch and all in a sudden the meal including our seats and even we encountered us on one side of the boat 🤕🤕 What an adventure! 🗺

17 July 2017

Relaaaaaaaxing - just us, the sea and a little bit of “bursa”. Thats how the seamen in Croatia call “wind”.

16 July 2017

So we started our trip. After breakfast we took off towards to the island Hvar. However, we decided not to go directly to the City of Hvar so we sailed around the big island and reached our destination in Vrbovska. A wonderful city and much more worth seeing then the capital. We did our first snorkel session - amazing 🐠🐟🦀

15 July 2017

Kaštel Gomilliča - near Split. Also known as “Bravoos” - Game of thrones. A breathtaking little village. When I say little I mean it. It’s about 20 houses and invariably native Croatian. If you have the chance to visit it, I would suggest you to look for this one small house inside the castle. It’s frontage is covered all over with schells. For a pity I couldn’t take a photo. Probably somebody of you can post one into comments when you have been there. 😋 By the way, this is our sailing boat. ⛵️ “Gulet Easy Days” ☀️
We started our journey in Austria with a 9-hour drive to a village near Split, called Kaštel Gomillča. By the way this little village is the beautiful setting of the city “Bravoos” in Game of Thrones 🌍