New Zealand, Indonesia · 12 Days · 13 Moments · May 2019

B A L I 2019🌺🌴

30 May 2019

Day 12, today was our last leg of our Bali trip. We continued our plane trip and arrived in Auckland at 4:00 am. We were all very tired and a little cranky. Got through customs very quickly then grabbed some McDonald’s for breakfast. Our next connecting flight was to nelson which was at 9:00 ish. Marian came and picked us up from the airport and had a cup of tea. Nelson is very cold and rainy which was a definite contrast to 32 degre heat and sun.

29 May 2019

Day 11, today was our last day in Bali :( we spent the morning packing swimming and getting everything ready for the flight home. Katut 2 made us a yummy breakfast and fresh pineapple and mango juice. She then braided my hair before we left which was very sweet of her. We got a taxi to the airport and waited there for majority of the day. Our flight left at about 4:00 and we saw a pretty sunset as we flew out of Bali. I really didn’t want to leave, Bali has been such an awesome experience. I have made so many amazing memories and hope to be back soon.

28 May 2019

Day 10, today is our last day on Nusa Lembongan and I’m so sad we’re leaving. Nusa has been so beautiful and I’m going to miss the white sand and clear blue water. I had another one of their smoothie bowl this morning for breakfast. We cleaned up had a last Juice then scooted down to the shops and brought some wooden carvings. Our boat ride home was very bumpy but got to Nusa fine. For our last night in Bali we stayed at the yung Tao villa again. Went out for a last minute shop with mum and got the cutest Starbucks drink. We ended the day with pizza and bintangs by the pool

27 May 2019

Day 9, today was one of the most incredible days. We are staying at they hello beach hut while in Bali and they are amazing so beautiful. We started our morning with a complementary breakfast then out on our snorkelling trip. The first boat we took broke down but we fortunately got another to switch into. The first stop was manta point which was aweosme we saw about 3 mantarays. We then went to crystal bay and two other places which were beautiful the water was crystal clear and there were hundreds of fish. We even saw a little turtle which I was able to touch and swim alongside for a while. Today was certainly a day to remember. Once we got home we grabbed our scooter again to explore the other side of the island. We found some pretty swings and shops along the way. I brought some wooden straws and more bracelets. We ended the night with some take away pizzas on the beach watching the sunset with a bonfire. It was such a relaxing last night. We also had mondok who was with us too.

26 May 2019

Day 8, today was an adventure filled day. We got our boat to Nusa lemongan mid morning and when arriving an Nusa we were all plesently surprised by how gorgeous and clear the water was. We settled into our cute huts and beach area then had lunch at our on site restaurant. I had the yummy smoothie bowl and some fries for lunch which were amazing. After lunch with a little bit of convincing we got 3 scooters and went for a explore around the island. This was the first time I rode a scooter and it was so much fun we rode to dream beach, the yellow bridge over to Nusa cennigan and then back home. On the way we stoped at this gorgeous seaside restaurant which we stoped and had a pineapple juice and a swim at. There were cute swings and hammocks in the water (very instagramable) When arriving back at the huts I did some homework, brought some anklets of off some kids and layer by the beach with the dogs drinking my lemon bigtang. We got the scooters again and went for dinner I had pizza.

25 May 2019

Day7, We started a little slower today with a more relaxed morning at the villa and by the pool organising our trip to Nusa Lembongan we booked our driver, boat and our snorkeling trip. We got taxi at about 11 and drove to Kuta. While we were there we did quite a bit of street shopping. I brought 2 Bali T-shirt’s, a fan and a sarong. We had lunch at dods burgers and then went for a 60 min full body massage which was amazing at the time but made my neck a bit sore after. We walked around Kuta and to the surf outlet malls then caught a taxi back home to the villa. I was able to get a lot of my cable bay write up done which I’m happy about as well as packed myself up ready for Nusa Lembongan tomorrow. We also realised that today the Bali volcano erupted and lava spread 3km around the area but fortunately nobody was injured. But as I was getting ready for bed I hear mum and she fell in between the path in the doorway of the villa. Her entire legs were grazed and bruised. Very sore :(.

24 May 2019

Day 6, today was an eventful day. We started the morning with a surf and a few hours on the beach which was amazing. I was able to actually get up and surf some good waves. For lunch we went out to the famous Scooby burger restaurant and had the best burgers. Our pool was still Brocken and wasn’t going to be fixed before we leave so little did we know Kelly the owner had organised us a new villa to stay at free of charge which was so kind. She rung us at 12 and had organised everything all we needed to do was to be packed up by 3. The new villa is amazing and very flash. So when we arrived we were very thankful for a pool. But It was so sad saying goodbye to Katut who didn’t come with us to the new villa :( But we were able to giver her a hug say goodbye and get some photos with her. Our new house cleaner is also called Katut and she is lovley too.

23 May 2019

Day 5, today mum Luke and I took a taxi down to waterbom. We rode almost all the rides and had such an awesome day. We had some pineapple juice made by the pool bar and had some yummy lunch. After getting home I realised I was a little burnt and spent the afternoon with alovera spray and moisturiser. Dad wasn’t able to come as his back was saw but he spent the day at the villa and exploring Seminyak, he went for a massage has some lunch and a bintang on the beach. Katut made us some more yummy Nasi goreng for dinner which was amazing as per usual. After dinner we walked down to the Bintang supermarket to get some fruit and icecream for dessert.

22 May 2019

Day 4 in Bali, today was one of the most amazing days of my life! Being able to see an elephant has always been on my buck list and to be given the opportunity to cuddle one was ahh so incredible. We started the day early with koming picking us up from the villa. He drove us out to ubud were we would be for the day. Next we were off to the monkey forest which we all very excited for. It was such an awesome experience, I was surprised how much personality each monkey had and how funny they were. The next stop was the most exciting. We drove another 45 min out of ubud to the mason elephant park. On the way we drove past many gorgeous art markets and stalls. We were able to cuddle, talk and play with the elephants. There was 31 of them each one was gorgeous. Their skin was different than I expected, it was almost soft and squishy. They were so gentle and sweet. On the way home we stopped for some shopping then went out for dinner. We ate at a Warung and on the way home saw many cats aww.

21 May 2019

Day 3 in Bali, Today we all woke up very early again (3:30am) still not use to the Bali time zone. Katut came and made us Nasi goring goring for breakfast which was definitely something new but delicious she makes the most incredible food. We got a taxi down to Kuta for the afternoon to do some shopping and to check out the town. I brought a shell bracelet, playsuit, mimco bag, personalised surf board key chain and a Hard Rock Cafe hoodie. We shopped at the street markets aswell as the two malls along the beach. Kuta beach was amazing 10x better than I imagined. After getting home from Kuta mum and I went out again to send nana a postcard and to buy some fresh fruit for dessert. Katut while we were out also made us some mei goreang for dinner which was delicious.

20 May 2019

Day 2 in Bali, woke up at 3:30am and went out to the cabana to write my bio assignment. We found many squirrels all around the villa from running a across trees to power lines. Dad and I walked to the beach to watch the sun rise walking about an hour along the beach with all the dogs :) we meet Katut today for the first time and she is lovely. We did some street shopping then mum and I went to get out nails done while the boys went back to the beach. We walked back down to the beach and had a Bintang beer while watching the sun set which was gorgeous. We then had some dinner and dessert which was the hottest thing I had ever eaten in my life, wow haha randang padang. Actually loving Bali and the people so much.

19 May 2019

Day 1 in Bali arrived at 6:00pm. The flight was awesome and was able to get through customs quickly and be picked up at the airport by our driver koming who is the sweetest. The villa is amazing, absolutely stunning already had a swim and found some lizards and frogs :)

18 May 2019

Flight from Nelson to Auckland, staying with Opa and Nana overnight before the flight to Bali tomorrow. 💗