Indonesia, Japan · 286 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Movies & Games

24 February 2018

1 January 2018

Kuroko no Basket is an awesome shonen sport manga. It gives all the shonen feeling you ever need. All important characters are lovable, even the "villains". If you're Blood Type A, you'll love Kuroko (?). Also I love the realistic 3D hoop & ball. Kuroko x Kagami = Killua x Gon. Kuroko & Killua best support. Banyak anak SMA toxic & salty

26 December 2017

King's Raid: Waifus & Hasbandos. Interesting story!

13 August 2017

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a fun & warm series. I want Kobayashi to be my mom.

11 August 2017

Rick & Morty is like Doctor Who x Family Guy. It's really fucked up in a fun way!

20 July 2017

Family Guy suits my dark humor to the core. Seth MacFarlane is OP.

14 July 2017

12 June 2017

I cried when Steve died :(

15 May 2017

Nier Automata is a beautiful cool game. The ending is tearjerking bullet hell minigame. Can't imagine? Play it now!