China, Hong Kong S.A.R. · 35 Days · 73 Moments · July 2017

27 August 2017

Not sure if this guy is prisoner of the unicorn or if the Princess is having a swim before getting back... Ahahah
On the flight to Wien. It is not secret i eat like a pig all the time... But for some reason today is worse than ever! I had breakfast near the breakfast, lunch at the airport, had biscuits while getting to the gate and then i ate again on the plain... And i am.ready for.dinner... when will it arrive? Maybe i.have some some biscuits left... Shall i check with the hostess? I want foooodddd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‹

26 August 2017

Final day. I went to Stanley. And i have to remember to start shopping from there next time! πŸ˜… The rent for a water view flat here is 3000€ or more... And Repulse bay is even more expensive! Let say that next time we will book the bunker again... Ahahah Note. At 10pm another typhoon allert was issued :-( already level 3. It is starting to rain. I will go to the airport anyway in the morning. My flights is at 1pm and wait to see what will happen. The other day all flights were cancelled.

25 August 2017

30 Just saw a report on the devastating situation in Macau. Poor people... The news says that there will be another typhoon in less than a week! Let's hope they are wrong!

24 August 2017

29 È tornato il sole ed un caldo soffocante. Speriamo regga. Se no Γ¨ proprio tempo sprecato star qui πŸ˜•

23 August 2017

Update on the situation
28 There is typhoon signal - level 10. Almost everything is closed,banks and offices too. Streets are empty and you can see the devastating force of the wind last night. Most shops are closed and around you encounter only confused tourists. If the typhoon allert won't go down by 1pm nothing will open and nobody goes to work. Thank you cinema people for opening shop today. With a room so small that is the only salvation! πŸ˜› Went out for breakfast. I thought i ordered some sort of coffe with chocolate.... I got me a milk tea. Despite the colour it was really nice. Note. This is the worst typhoon in 5 years... Thank you very much...

22 August 2017

27 Un martedì un po' così. Sono andata su un'isola per fare una passeggiata ma ha cominciato a piovere alla grande e son tornata prima del previsto. Meno male avevo già fatto un bagno. Da domani brutto tempo :-( passerò il resto della settimana al cinema.... Che di sicuro mi costa meno che fare shopping!! Ahahah

21 August 2017

26 You don't hate Mondays if you are at the beach 😎 I did also the trail. Short but nice. With 35 degrees and 95% of humidity. I am roasted again ahajsj

20 August 2017

25 Lazy sunday morning. Especially because 2 temples i wanted to see were closed and another one l already saw twice and both times l forgot about it... πŸ˜‹ I already mentioned that some streets have shops selling the same thing: the shops and restaurants at small village on the cost they all sell live fishes. I saw an alive prawn for the first time. Didn't recognize it with all legs moving! Not a nice view, i have to add... πŸ€”

19 August 2017

24.2 My favourite temple in HK. Man Mo.
24.1 Victoria peak view on the bay. Then spent the day walking around Hong Kong island. I walked again sooooo much. I can't feel my feet. Note about the guy. He told me he was playing the game that requires you to exchange things with strangers until you get a car or something worthy... I'll check the papers tomorrow to see if he succeeded! Ahahah

18 August 2017

23.3 Buonanotte πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
23.2 Well... When i booked the room i was happy it was cheap for Hong Kong standard and it was so central. Now i get the downside... It is a almost a capsule hotel!! Thank god l don't suffer from claustrophobia... 😱😱😱
23.1 Ultimo spostamento. Meno male. Non ne posso piΓΉ di sollevare sto zaino. Ho raccolto circa 10 kili di puttanate tra pechino e qui. πŸ˜› Ed ho ancora 5 kili di buono!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ChissΓ  quali tesori mi riserva Hong Kong. Ahahahah​ lo Stewart che sta facendo l'annuncio di sicurezza ha il peggior accento impostato americano mai sentito. Tremendo!! Ahahah

17 August 2017

22.1 Last day in Mainland China. I just walked around aimlessly. Carefully avoiding shops and possibly to spend money πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Legs are a bit woody but I can walk... like a new born pony... Bags are packed and super heavy. Let's hope i dont have to pay extra 😱😱😱

16 August 2017

21.1 Tempio Shaolin - famoso per i suoi monaci che praticano kung fu. Ovviamente non ho visto la cartina e, vedendo una funivia, pensavo che il tempio fosse in cima al monte.... No... Non lo era... Ho camminato in montagna per 4 ore. Ad un certo punto le gambe mi.cedevano. Unafaticamachetelodicoaffare! Poi scendi e il tempio Γ© li... A livello pianura... Comodo comodo... Ahahah Ma il paesaggio era bello e forse ho.perso 2 etti. Tra il bus dell'andata ( 3 ore e mezza per 70km) e la passeggiata montana, non ho visto il centinaio di ragazzi che si allenavano nel campo di fianco al tempio. ChissΓ  se domani cammino... πŸ€”πŸ˜₯

15 August 2017

20.3 esci per fare 2.passi per digerire una cena buona ma pesantissima.... E scopri perchΓ© il quartiere si chiama 'shopping district'. A quest'ora i giardini condominiali sono pieni do mamme o nonne con bambini o gente che passeggia il cane. I ristorantini intorno ai palazzoni sono pieni di gente. Le strade sono vive e siamo in periferia.
20.2 Museo di Luoyang
20.1 Tombe

14 August 2017

19.2 Dinner and shopping in the old town.
19.1 Le grotte di Longmen a Luoyang. Bellissime! Peccato che fosse mezzogiorno e ci fosse foschia. La nuova casa Γ¨ un po' distante da tutto ma Γ¨ bella.

13 August 2017

18.3 Tempio di non so cosa. Ma era semi deserto vista l'ora. Con un bel venticello e silenzio. Tanto silenzio....
18.2 alla fine non ho proprio sprecato la giornata. Visti 2 siti di Luoyang. Ho fatto un'ora di bus per vedere il tempio del Cavallo Bianco (primo tempio buddista in cina) ma non so se.ho visto il cavallo!! Ahahah
18.1 Chi Γ¨ causa del suo male pianga se stesso.... Porcadiquellavaccaschifamaledetta Ho perso un treno per Kaifeng, perchΓ© sono andata nella stazione sbagliata... e ora non ci sono piu posti sui prossimi treni. E pagare 100 euro per 100 km mi sembra un po troppo. Fortunatamente mi hanno rimborsato tutto l'importo. Quindi sono diretta verso Luoyang. Per ora la pancia va meglio. Speriamo... πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜•

12 August 2017

17.3 The area around the house at night is just faboulos! There are big group of people dancing. And each one has different music choreography! Some also had matching clothing! And that is normal. More people out at night than during the day. Did i say it before? I am loving the place!
17.2 The big wild goose pagoda.
17.1 Still not ok but today is my last day here. Finally i visited a museum πŸ˜€ That is when my phone decided to die for no reason at all.... No camera and no phone camera... 😲😲😱😱 I guess it also had a heat stroke as it restarted after a while.

11 August 2017

16 Non posso uscire di casa... Mal di pancia tremendo dovuto a colpo di freddo ieri mattina ( aria condizionata) o di caldo (ho visitato un parco e non c'era una albero manco a pagarlo... Per altro parco di un palazzo... E il palazzo non c'era. Bella fregatura). Torno a letto πŸ˜₯

10 August 2017

15.3 Random cinese people. Yep... I am bored... I am at home with a strong attachment to the toilet tonight πŸ˜“
15.2 Vale with random people who asked me to take pictures with them. Unfortunately i thought of taking pictures with them only after a while... There are more Chinese out there with my face on their phone! By the way the boy with the red t-shirt is my favorite ever! We were on a bus heading to the terracotta warriors and he spent 20 minutes staring at me, gathering the courage to talk to me. He knew little English and he was adorable.
15.1 And of corse Xian most popular spot! It was toooo hot and way too crowded​! Liked it but i thought it was bigger.

9 August 2017

14.4 Food
14.3 Walked aimlessly around the west part of the city center Those are the Mosque and a temple... Don't remember which is which .. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£
14.2 Lazy start after the arrival in Xian. I think this is the little wild goose pagoda. This part of the city has nothing special.
14.1 This house needs an entry on its own. I am on the 26th floor and i can see the city walls from here. Note. Thank God we have elevators. Panic, Dafne and Xu all lived on the 6th floor with no lift... πŸ˜“ The inside is gold! A part from the fat little friendly dog, Teresa has a bathroom in her room with glass wall... That is my first... The rest of the house is a huge deposit of stuff. Last picture is my room. The smell is not flowery thought... Not sure is the humidity of the city or the dust. She has an art gallery somewhere. I will go there with no credit card. Promise πŸ˜“πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

8 August 2017

14.2 I am at the airport and i am patiently waiting... Not sure what... As the very rude assistant is not servicing anyone... Well... I am at the gate. I passed Chinese police check, so i guess i can go everywhere!! Ahahah You have no idea of the weirdos here... Highly concentrated! My luggage - despite the fact that is huge- gained just 2 kilos since italy... Let's go shopping!!! Ah no... Right. I have no money!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have to pay more attention to the chinese English translation... when l used that toilet i was not so sure on what to expect. πŸ€” And yes... There is a mini karaoke 'room' right at the gate. And we laugh at the Japanese... πŸ˜€
14.1 The parents of the guy renting me the room were kind enough to drive me to the last place l wanted to visit. A taxi would have been too expensive, as it is some 80 km away (i covered the costs but mother made me lunch ✌️) Too bad it took 2 hours and a half to get there!! (And 3 to get back... ) The minivan i took yesterday was running uphill faster! Ahaha Anyways, the place was worthy of the trip. Now there is nothing more to see... My flight is at 23.35 tonight... I hope we make it back on time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ Btw to recover from the SIM scam i went back to the restaurant i was the other night and stuffed my face with delicious food 🀸🀸🀸 All considering, forgetting the big camera charger in torino was a blessing. With the phone i can "steal" more images ad it is less evident that the camera. And i can take selfies with people asking to have pictures with me. All in all, not a bad thing... And i think the phone makes better pictures too 😝

7 August 2017

13.3 The nice lady who sold me the sim card in Beijing in reality scammed me. She gave me a sim "that fell from a truck" without telephone number or asking for my ID. so now that i finished my minutes i cant recharge it. There is also a problem of different city of purchase and some other bullshit. Bottom line. I do not have internet connection and without it i cant move around. I will look for the local black market in xian πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ I feel so gangsta! Ahahahaha
13.2 Welcome to Tibet! Ahaha No it is a lamasery somewhere near Bautou. Great place! Loved it. Good thing it was not overcrowded. While visiting i met that monk. He asked me to take a picture with him! Among the many monks i met in all the places this one was.the only one who talked to me. He also let me visit a private​ part of the monastery. His superior was not.japoy. πŸ™„ I'm on way back to the next challenge. Ask someone why my internet connection stopped working. And buy train tickets... That is always a challenge πŸ˜₯
13.1 I am at the bus station. Chinese people are often pictured as rude and not so friendly. And that is true as for other nationalities. But if you ask something and they will move mountains to help you. Such as getting other people involved in the convesation or call someone else that can ' speak english' ... And the fact i am white helps a lot i think. But I.can confirm they are bad drivers following a really weird code. Btw. Sad fact about Bautou. While looking for info to get to nearby lake, i found out that the said lake is now toxic. I remember reading an article about it. They found a mineral or whatever material that is used in cellphones. Which os of.course super expensive,in a high demand and super polluting.

6 August 2017

12.2 Run around the city all day to find way to arrive to a bloody monastery or something. At the bus station (as suggested by some websites) they had no clue... so I went to a travel agency. After 1 hour I was able to book the find out that they won't run it tomorrow as they have not enough people... at that point I really wanted to kill the 10year old travel agent. Eventually I find out the right bus to take. And lucky me my host father is a taxi driver. He will take me to another place nobody here knows anything about... Anyway. I am having fun planning things and ordering food ina mixture of chinese english and a lot of Italian sware words in between πŸ˜‚ Its fun... But sometimes i get really frustrated. So I am exercising to keep myself calm and not kill anybody... 😎 I had a quick dinner in the place with the guy grilling along the street. Great food for about 4 euro. At lunch i had dumplings in a hot soup. And then i wonder why i am growing fatter and fatter πŸ€”πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜œ
12.1 Almost in Bautou. Just saw the yellow river. It is hot. I am tired and grumpy. Hope I will not kill ny new host ~ who already got on my nervers before. 😨

5 August 2017

11.2 there are no buses to go to the Genghis Kan mausoleum and it took me 1 hour to discover it... . And when i finally arrived by taxi , it was not even that worthy. But it is ok. To arrive there i had to go through the 'ghost town. What a waste... There are dozens of empty building. I read somewhere that now just 1 third is occupied by people... And they are building more... Chinese logic i guess πŸ˜‚ Outside is super hot but there is a cool breeze that makes you want to park your ass under a tree and take a nap 😊 Well, as l don't want to get arrested i will sleep in my room. Then, just to piss someone off, I'll go window shopping which is apparently the only thing to do. As in many other Asian cities the street have a specialization, such as there is a street full of restaurants, one full of clothes shops or shoes (in Beijing i also saw a road full of MALLS.... ). This morning i saw a street full of mobile phones shops... One after the other... 3 apple stores in 100 meters...

4 August 2017

11.1 Once again.. calling it night life it is a bit of a stretch but i was out until 9pm tonight! Iuppiiii its friday!! πŸ˜› I had dinner in a sort of a diner. Deserted. I saw not so sure at first but then the old cook made noodle on the spot. Then i was sure i was in the right place. Made a new friend also 😁
11 On my way to a place called Dongsheng or Ordos... not sure. The Dongsheng is the old city while Ordos is the now one. They are 25'km apart... for "person of interest " fans that is the Chinese city mentioned in the first season. The government tried to make it an example of modernity but they failed. It is now called Ghost City. Yep... sounds fun 😧

3 August 2017

Stereotype vs reality. Chinese restaurant they all have menus with pictures. Yea... of course...
10.1 Joined a chinese tour to visit the grassland, rhe best next thing to Mongolia. The tour guide is (again) talking no stop. This time is all in Mandarin. People reply to her... no idea what is going on. Considering I woke up at 6, I'll take a nap. .... 3' minutes later , they all start clappling hands. Ok she is done. Wrong. She is singjing. Badly. In the end it was a nice day. I took a nap in the sun and I had some fresh and not polluted air. Some ladies adopted me and they made sure I was feed and on the right bus when it was time to move. 😊 Btw. I am more than roasted today... I felt asleep in the sun and my face is super red and burning... They all look at me funny now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It is now 11pm. I am purple 😨😨

2 August 2017

9.3 Well... not really night life but was at nightso it will categorize as such.. ahahsh I was very well behaved and I didn't buy a thing at the street market. Self control: master level. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Now dinner challenge. Mongolian hotpot ordered and eaten. And a part of a.couple or really weird stuff I enjoyed it. The staff at the restaurant was realky helpfull. Now that I think of it, everyone I met had been super helpful. Ahahsh I forgot about this. It is happening more and m ore here, far from the usual tourist spots. People are asking me to have pictures taken with them. Less than in India, but it is fun. 😁
9.2 The city is as usually big, but at least the air is.clean and the weather not sticky. To make life more complicated here they have all signs in chinese and mongolian... Architecture here is a bit different at least. It seems tibetan and they talk a lot about Lamas (the Buddhist priest... not the animal... ahahah) but no idea why. As usual I dont bother to read the signs.
9.1 On the move again. I'm in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia now. I am.getting a bit tired of the costant moving and change of beds.. as they are all very uncomfortable. I need a good night sleep. 😴😴😧😧

1 August 2017

8.2 I am spending the afternoon just wandering around the city. Visited another temple or 4... But they were nice. As they were DESERTED! there is people everywhere. I need silence!! Found the old city center. It was weird. Some houses are almost ruins but people still live there. But here I found a nice restaurant. I just entered the kitchen and the cook pointed at things and i.said yes or no. Food challenge: passed... Ahahah i can really survive everywhere!
8.1 Final day im Datong. I wad a bit surprised that the famous hunging temples are actually 1 hunging temple... Worthy of the trip of course but for what i paid to get them, i expected more. The was a poor little boy super scared actually trembling of fear.. poor thing! But he had a supporting him all the way down. WTF moment of the day. card.was not working!! I had to tour 4 banks. 😫😫

31 July 2017

7.2 After this huge and faboulos monastery... Lets say i reached my limit of tolerance for pagodas and similar buildings. And yes... That tower was tall 😧 but I climbed it and survived. Barely... 😁
7.1 After the "hotel incident"i went to the Yanggang grottoes. Meraviglia! Loved it! There are lots of Buddhas carved in the rocks. It was HOT... i am a bit roasted.. 😎
Day 7 _ Datong So apparently also on you can find fakes.... Booked a hotel that was not there... But at least i didn't pay for it. The taxi driver was super helpful. Also the guy we took home along the way. No one can speak English as expected. Anyway find an hotel now. Cheap and quite clean. Let's see what happens next πŸ˜“ 😁😁

30 July 2017

Going to Datong. I'll be there by 6am on the 31st. The sleeper i got is more comfortable than the bed at the girls' house πŸ˜“ Hope i can sleep later. Or... Can you imagine how grumpy will i be tomorrow?? Ahahaj
i had dinner with my friend Panic. Nice chat. Forgot to get pictures together... We need to wait 5 more years.. ahahaha
I should have used one of those app that counts your steps... I'd be around 30.000 per day, easily. Hope i get slimmer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
6.1 Started the day with a coffee that didn't agree with me... Thank Mao for the many public toilets around the city 😌 Interesting visit at thw Confucian temple and school.
5.3 I had dinner at the night market again with the Filipino girl and we spent some more money...
5.2 And then i made the huge mistake to go to the flea market... 😫 I was already broke... Not i am almost homeless...

29 July 2017

5.1 Went to the temple of heaven. Too tired for funny faces today πŸ˜‹
4.4 I had dinner at the night market. Weird place. I will be back tomorrow with more money...
4.3 The great wall is really something! Super crowded but very nice. Glad i went up there. And yes... Silly pictures all day long! 😎
4.2 So i went to the.Ming tombs. I was not impressed. Nothing to see really. But the 'whole' bus (we were 8 people) bonded, so we end up having a great time together.

28 July 2017

4.1 Ho comprato un tour per vedere le tombe Ming e la grande Muraglia. Miiii la guida parla a mitraglia e sono solo le 8 del mattino... 😫 Sarà una lunga giornata ...

27 July 2017

#3.3. Gironella parte tturistica vicino a cada. Ma ne Γ¨ valsa la pena. Ho trovato il sojuu!!!!
#3.2 tempio delle 5 pagode o qualcosa del genere. Bellissimo. Per ora la cosa che.mi Γ¨ piaciuta di piΓΉ.
#3.1 Caldo e afazza appiccicosa. Oggi ho visto il palazzo estivo. A metà mi ero già rotta le palle. È abbastanza enorme.

26 July 2017

Pechino. Giorno 1. Giro nel hutong vicino al Lama Temple per cercare una sim per il telefono. E vagabondaggio senza meta per aspettare Dafne alle 19. la casa Γ¨ carinissima e con una bella vista. Mi hanno cucinato cena! Sono le 5 del mattino. Jetleg delle balle!

24 July 2017

Making new friends for the next trip - Wien airport. Meet Virya from Mumbai