Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand · 14 Days · 11 Moments · August 2018

Cambogia - Vietnam - Thailand

29 August 2018

Boat trip to Haad Yuan beach

27 August 2018

Relax and amazing food. Island life.

25 August 2018

Just arrived in Koh Phangan. Another lonely travel, 24h in Hanoi let me appreciate the nice city it is, then flight to a more familiar place, Thailand. This country is so beautiful and make you feel welcome and happy. Would be a great week, some days on my own and then back again with my friends, joining me for two nights on the island. Such a great experience traveling alone at my own pace but also observing other solo traveler. I feel I did a great job making it happens, overcoming doubts and lonely moments, pushing myself hard to enjoy each moment for my own pleasure.
Gulf of Thailand - koh phangan

22 August 2018

Halong bay

20 August 2018

Hanoi strolling.

18 August 2018

Tonle Sap Lake. Sunset with temporary new friends.
Day 3. Decided to take a tour of the city, out of the tourists path and suggested places. I just strolled around, observing daily life in the city center: kids going to school, parents driving to work, workers building houses and fixing streets. This is a nice place to me. I think this town is quite "rich" compared to other Cambodian cities or to the countryside, this can be obviously due to huge tourism. Everything here seems to be impacted by western tourism, but not only. I had no time to deep dive so far but "war" is still so close and present in everyday life. Not only for mines or museums, I was offered bracelets made with bullets iron (I guess it's iron, I really don't know), and everything is sold mainly in dollars. USA did not leave, definitely.

17 August 2018

Ta Prohm.
Angkor Thom

16 August 2018

Day 1 in Siem Reap! Hot, high humidity and grey sky, but this place smells so good. 😍