United States of America · 8 Days · 23 Moments · August 2017

Exploring New York City

23 August 2017

Only photos I have of the Frick gallery; notable location, a beautiful villa near the 5th Avenue. This are the last photo of our travel. See you at the next Journi! Soon I'll publish some photos of what we managed to see in London while waiting for our coincidence flight 😂
Guggenheim pt.2
Guggenheim pt.1 I really liked this one too. Best of it was the disposition of the paintings, linearly along the spiral which made visiting very straightforward and easy. You don't get lost at Guggenheim. The last two were from an exhibit about symbolism.

22 August 2017

Met pt.4
Met pt.3
Met pt.2 Mostly paintings in this post. Because this museum has the most beautiful collection I've ever seen 😳
Met pt.1 Again, of the the most beautiful museums I've ever seen. We visited Met, Guggenheim and Frick all in a rush due to lack of time :(
Times Square again, then Balto and Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park. That ice cream shop was so good, and I loved the Bookstrand stand too!

21 August 2017

Complete solar eclipse day. To see it at its best we took the plane and got to Nashville. We got around by car, and got to the town country outskirts to find a good spacey spot. I don't have many photos but in the second one you can see the dim lights, and the third is the sunset caused by the eclipse! Then some photos of the flight back.
Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn at night. We stopped at a pizzeria under the bridge there. Maybe the most romantic place I've ever seen. No jokes. At night with all the lights it looks like a damn fairytale.

20 August 2017

MoMA pt. 2 There was also a really big exhibit of original F. L. Wright drawings and patterns which I totally loved, and bought the book too.
MoMA pt. 1
On the boat at Battery Park, going to see the Statue!
Going around in the bus, here it was Chinatown and near there. Interesting neighborhood with cool street art!

19 August 2017

Going around in the tourist bus. Some stolen shoots! The obnoxiously golden interior is the first Trump Tower.
Some shots of the subway and our apartment
Walking around the streets near Times Square (That ice cream was overwhelmingly good 😭)

18 August 2017

One of the best museums I've ever seen! American Museum of Natural History
Gorgeous view from the Empire State Building!

17 August 2017

One World Trade Center. The 9/11 museum is a must see.
Chelsea Market ✨
The High Line! Love this kind of city green.

16 August 2017

JFK Airport, just arrived!