Italy · 3 Days · 11 Moments · June 2017

A blink of Naples

4 June 2017

The last thing I will post here is this marvelous and iridescent church 😍 We came here for an exhibition for the anniversary of the death of Totò, held in the cloister.
Murales and graffiti in the streets of the city

3 June 2017

Pompeii! I love this place, the strange nostalgy and the smell of flowers..
Today we visited Ercolano and Pompeii. It was a lovely sunny day, warm but windy. I love this climate! These are the only photos I took at Ercolano w/phone..

2 June 2017

Walk by the sea!
A few shots at magnificent Palazzo Reale (there was a lovely light in the corridor). I only have these 3 photos on the phone because I was shooting with the mirrorless.
Selfies at Toledo underground station!
Some shots from the Archaeological Museum. There was a neon lights exhibition going on that gave some statues the vaporwave feel 😙
This architecture is similar to the one we have in Milan :) Today some people were painting on big canvases hung there.
As the first thing, we came back to see the place where Vergil's ashes were kept. It's located in a garden on a small hill near the entrance of a tunnel. The garden is full of plants mentioned in Vergil's works, and, along with Vergil's tomb there's Leopardi's tomb too. Cute thing: on Vergil's tomb there are some letters that visitors left. One by a kid that describes to Vergil the beautiful things that happen in his garden, one by a 27 y.o. girl that goes to evening classes, still has to pass maturity exam and asks Vergil and Leopardi help... And one by a couple of lovers who asked for eternal love.
New and enormous Garibaldi station is still in construction... This is the underground, and as it is now it feels like being in a giant cave! Trains are old tho.