Italy · 15 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Avventura di Alice a/in Italia

16 July 2017

Now I'm living in Italy, but I hope to start to travel everywhere soon. In September i'm going to see Paris, Amsterdam and London, I know that this is a very little part pf the word, but piece to piece I will conquer all the worl 😂😂

13 July 2017

This is a very beautiful resort, wher you can drink something with your friends looking the sunset

8 July 2017

Trastevere. One of the most beautiful place, with such a story behind, a live insiede and a music all around that you feel so complete

5 July 2017

Same 😂
So relaaaaaxing

2 July 2017

I hope that my panorama will change soon