Portugal · 12 Days · 5 Moments · August 2017

Tour in Portugal on the Summer

14 August 2017

... And in the other day you can go to a super cool ice cream shop and enjoy the beauty of the buildings!

13 August 2017

Agueda is place that i always keep in my heart, its an old “village” that is worth visiting! One day you can go and be the whole day playing by the river and walking through the nature...
Aveiro is a special and wonderful place, you have a beach, great restaurant, and the beauty of the city is always present! You can walk side by side and in one side you have this beautiful houses that remind you the little houses you used to play when you were a child and on the other side you have the river!

11 August 2017

The amazing restaurant in Vila Nova da Barquinha! Amazing food in so much variety

2 August 2017

The festival named Meo Sudoeste in Portugal, it was completely amazing! All of it, the camping, the improvised food, the concerts! Everyone should give it a try! Meet new and open minded people!