Malaysia, Sri Lanka · 7 Days · 6 Moments · December 2016

Aventura de Tim en Sri Lanka

5 January 2017

WHALE WATCHING, MIRISSA We finally organised a day to go whale watching, which is a real popular activity in Mirissa and thankfully right in the season for it now. Got it for a good deal of 3,000 ($30) from our hostel. Was an early 6.30am start and on the boat by 7. We'd heard that a lot of ppl get sea sick on the trip so we took some travel sickness pills and then they offered some on the boat also so we had another. This was a mistake. Turned out they gave us fernergan, and it was superrr drowsy (we found out later). So we were all on the boat sitting napping then every few minutes there'd be a whale spotted and we'd try and rouse ourselves into consciousness enough to care. In reality it wasnt that good anyway, even if we weren't drugged comotose, cos a whale from 200m away really is just a spout of water in the distance (and tail when goin down). Not very impressive. But we saw about 4. And then dolphin schools which was a lot more impressive, that salvaged the trip for mine.

3 January 2017

MIRISSA CONT Had some nice sunsets in Mirissa. After one night at Hangover Hostel we had to move to JJ's but luckily that was very similar standard just a little set back from the beach. But with our scooters not much of an inconvenience. Me nick marcus and rose did a little trip to the nearby surf beach at Weligama which was nice. Not a heap of ppl but lots of surf shops. There seem to be heaps of good surf beaches for beginners in Sri Lanka, at least on this coast. Dunno how a seasonef surfer would rate it though.
MIRISSA BEACH, SRI LANKA The beauty of the Hangover Hostel is that its literally across the road from this beautiful beach. Had a big rock formation at the point between two coves which had some beautiful views of the two beaches (one being the surf beach as well, not that i surfed). We got a fair bit if beach action while we were here for 5 nights (moving accom 4 times in 5 nights!). And some scooter action too, which i just jumped on the back on nicks - still working up the courage to tackle the roads myself 😉

2 January 2017

MIRISSA, SRI LANKA So we had a 2 hour-ish van from Hikkaduwa to Mirissa on 2 Jan. Mirissa is another beach spot more on the sth side of the island that the south west like Hikkaduwa. We tried to get into the Hangover Hostel but they didnt have space that night so we stayed a few doors down in a fancy private room instead, me and nick sharing a regal looking bed. This is where we met up with Simon and Lynne so the ranks swelled to 8! We went out for a home-style sri lanka curry meal night one which was delicious but took about 2 hrs at least to come out. Apparently they make everything from scratch for each meal. Although we soon found out that 2hrs isnt far off the standard waiting time in restaurants in this verrrry laid back beach town. You really need to order long before you're hungry. But a lot of places offer baymarie style curry meals for $5-$8 so thats a quick option. Next night we were into Hangover Hostel, which was an awesome hostel set-up.

31 December 2016

HIKKADUWA NYE My second day in sri lanka was NYE. We had a really nice, largely unplanned night, partying at a little club on the beach, then back at the house, then back to the beach for sunrise. There was a family of almost cute, but incredibly mangey dogs that had all half eaten their fur off it seemed and were super itchy. Not very attractive at all. But cute from afar. After recovery on the 1st we were off in private transport to Mirissa further south for more beach and to meet up with Simon and Lynne.

30 December 2016

HIKKADUWA, SRI LANKA From buenos aires i flew via auckland to melbourne where Matt picked me up and i hid out for a day until xmas eve celebrations to surprise the family with my return. They were shocked, thats for sure. I had an awesome 6 days catching up with family and friends and then was back on a plane on 30 december to colombo, sri lanka via kuala lumpur. It was a long 14 hrs wait in KL, but airport was well setup for napping, and had mcdonalds and starbucks so wasnt all bad 😋 Then got a personal van for 2 hrs from colombo airport to get to Hikkaduwa on the south west coast of Sri Lanka to an AirBnB to meet nick, dave, kathie, marcus and rosie after about 6 months on different continents. Got in at about 1am and dave and nick were out of bed ro greet me briefly, then i hit the hay and we caught up over breakfast next day. The airbnb was really nice, and old colonial style house with a lovely property manager Sonya. The next day was new years eve