Argentina, Peru · 29 Days · 18 Moments · January 2016

Aventura de Tim y Nick en Argentina

12 February 2016

FAREWELL Well our month in BA is over, and it flew by! I guess studying and city living can hav that effect. A little recap on recommendations/crap i'll miss: - clubs worth a visit: Crobar; Blow; Shampoo; Terrazas; Jet (pronounced 'shit') - foods: steak, obvs (go to La Cholita) alfajores; postres; empanadas; churipan and panchos (hotdogs, they put crisps on top); asado (argentinian bbq, sadly we missed out) - dont go to maccas for a hangover hashbrown, they dont got em - platform shoes, theyre epic here - ppl sending voice messages, like lots - being able to return your longneck bottles for a discount on ur next bottle - water constsntly fslling on ur head walking down the street from all the aircon units - ppl walking around with their backpacks on their front to avoid pickpockets - super orderly lines on the street waiting for the bus - bosque palermo - family place by day; full of semi naked transvestites at night. working their corners hahah
TRICKS OF THE TRADE My first fake note in BA - got ripped off at a restaurant but some schmuck. Few other things we heard about from friends worth knowing: - at markets (esp Once) sometimes someone spits on you as a distraction then when ppl come and 'help' they rob ya haha cheeky buggers - fake notes is quite popular - usually with 50 pesos. Not much you can do except grin and bare it, but keep an eye on them takong the money and check theyre happy with the note before you give it to them if you're real concerned - taxi drivers arent shy of taking 3 right turns to go left rather than the more direct route, esp when ur steaming drunk in the backseat - wesr ur backpack on ir front on buses, thieves are ripe

4 February 2016

VARIOUS PICS - played indoor soccer with language school - an impressive regal looking building - courageous dog walker (warning, may not pick up their shit) - signs of a protest - casa rosada (where pollies do some meet and greets also) - water cannon ready for protests to escalate - steak at La Cholita - only $18 - some old intimidating buildings

1 February 2016

LA BOCAAA Visited the tourist part of Boca, the place where it all began for buenos aires, and the birthplace of tango...if i remember correctly. There's a very specific touristy area here, but you do not want to venture beyond that, especially at night, quite dangerous part of town. Buy an orange juice off the street here. Heappps of memorabilia also

31 January 2016

A night into morning at La Terazzas on the waterfront. Best music we've heard so far here, and get the treat of a sunrise in the morning. The place was still packed when we left at 7.30am

28 January 2016

JARDIN BONTANICO Selfies with statues, what more do ya want from an arvo at the Jardin Botanico. Heaaaps of statues, not many wearing clothes. Poifect

25 January 2016

LA BOMBA An awesome percussion group that plays every Monday night during summer. They also sell a whole bottle of wine in a cup and 1L of beer in a cup too (for only $8 aussie). Standard game of having to buy drink tickets separate to using them to get a drink, which is the same in at least one club here. Apparently handling both cash and drinks in the same area is a step too far, and we were too thick to think of buying 20 drink vouchers at once (we were wise to it this time but).

21 January 2016

BOSQUE PALERMO - there are like some seriously big woods/parkland in the suburb of Palermo, which is one of the nicest neighbourhoods and the main party spot.
This place is the tits! Vegetarian buffet that you pay by weight - $1 per 100 grams, so about $5 for a mad meal. Do yourself a favour...yet to make it to melbourne

19 January 2016

COST OF LIVING - BA isnt a cheap spot, especially if you wanna live it up. You could expect to be pay as much as melbourne for meals. Alcohol is a bit cheaper in bars, but a lot better at asian supermarkets. The high cost seems a bit surprising considering how many aspects of the city, mainly side streets, seem quite worn down and the economy has been depressed for years. comparative prices - Pack of 6 toilet paper - $4AUD, long kneck beer from kiosk $7, sandwich from supermarket $5, small pack of cheese slices $6. And this is after the 30% depreciation in the peso. But if you know where to go you can get good lunch for $5-$10, and cooking your own breakfast and lunch means that, if you wanna scrimp, you can get by on $20 a day on food comfortably. Our airbnb is $20 a night for a month, with a pretty simple fit out but in a nice neighbourhood. So $40 a day is possible if you want to, but not much room to manouvre for activities and partying at that level.
EXCHANGING USD Update on the money exchanges here - now that the peso has been floated and the official rate is the same as the blue rate there's no need to go to the black market to get USD changed. We went to a western union and got a better rate than what i saw online (13.8 pesos per US dollar). We did try to go to the black market initially, but some doog named esteban who was recommended to us was just never there. But he works on a street called Calle Florida which is a hot spot for these dealers, you cant walk 2 metres without someone subtly saying to you 'cambio, cambio?' (Change, change). Calle Florida is like 2 blooks from us.

18 January 2016

LANGUAGE SCHOOL AND COOKING Our language school and Marina who took a class teaching us how to make empanadas, and me and nick's finished products. Mine are the ones that look mad, nick's is the one that makes you feel ill just looking at it. They were sooo easy to make and super tasty, so may start living off them. Aaaand drinking 'mate' (pronounced 'mar-te'), which is like a tea, but super popular in argentina. sit down with a thermost, knock down mate and just chew the fat.

17 January 2016

ART AND SCULPTURES Some nearby sculptures and what not. There'll be plenty more of these pics. In order: - The obelisque - nice to stumble across, i wouldnt trek for it - The backside of a guy, missed the caption - Strange alien structure - Guy on horse, General San Martin, the liberator of Argentina from the conquistadors...i think. - another san martin - dunno, but pretty sick stone carving amiright - sculpture from bosque palermo - also from bosque, and looked like an afterthought just randomly chucked there
BA - SANS GLOSS And some of the grittier side of the streets, although still pretty rosie compared to many areas. One pic is from my bedroom window. Most side streets are quite run down, with what looks like street works that were started but never seen through, or just cracked side walks. We're in a safe neighbourhood, but even so, walking through side streets at night doesn't fill you with a sense of security, but our language school assures us our neighbourhood is just as safe at night as during the day. Boca is where you need to watch yourself, and definitely not walk around at night.

16 January 2016

SOME TOPS ARCHITECTURE Some of the nicer buildings we walk past on the way to school. Pretty much every single building is old and clearly used to be super impressive.

15 January 2016

STREETS, I LIKE STREETS Pics lf the streets around Avenida 9 Julio right near our apartment. Super big boulevard you can only make halfway across each red light.
Our first meal, night 1 in buenos aires. Was tasty as furrrk. It also gave us early insight to the love of cheese in this place, which is epic. Our swiss housemates bought a pizza home the other day - literally twice as thick cheese layer as pizza base.
OUR DIGS FOR A MONTH Our airbnb for the next month during spanish classes. Pretty sure the apartment used to be an office or something, and it lacks a couch which stings a little, but at least it'll encourage us to study. We're staying in Marcelo T de Alvear, one street away from Calle Santa Fe which is huge and touristy.