Argentina · 3 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Aventura de Sofia Lujan en Argentina

17 September 2017

3 day (last day) We started with a delicious breakfast and then we prepared for the hotsprings . When we arrived to the water park, we entered to the hot pools and then to the slides. My favorite part was when we were on the hot pools and we dance with other peoples. In the last part, we went to the San Jose palace, it was beautiful and interesting. At ten o'clock we arrived to the school

15 September 2017

2 day At first we went to found some rocks and play games with our counselors. At miday we ate milanesa with fries potatoes and flan for dessert. In our last excursion we went to the national park "El Palomar" there are a lot of palms, grass and flowers. My favorite part of the park was "the lake of love" it's where the capybar reproduce, at the end we did some questions about the park to the guides for geography. Finally we ate pizza of tomatoes and cheese.

14 September 2017

At six-thirty we went to between rivers, we lasted about two hours, we were introduced to the guides, were Alexina (from London), Branco (from Australia), Federico (from Argentina), Soho (from California) and Alex (from California). Then we stay in a service station where we ate something and we have time to go to the bathroom. After a while we got to the first tour, the mill and there was also the family house, called forclaz. After we left, we went to eat, chicken and mash potatoes , it was very delicious and for dessert vanilla and strawberry ice cream . The last excursion was to travel by boat to an island, where we got into a giant jungle. At six to ten we finally arrived at the hotel we separated in groups and entered the rooms, where we have a shower and then we need to prepare for dinner. We ate pasta and ice cream for dessert