Spain, Sweden, Norway · 9 Days · 64 Moments · August 2016

Nordic Mysts

9 August 2016

Time to say goodbye to this journi entry. It has been a more than lovely travel and we have enjoyed so much the fact of knowing both countries (Norway and Sweden) and having the chance to interact with theur lovely people. Hopefully one day we will come back. We will like to Thank everyone that has joined in this journey. Raul and Dafne.

8 August 2016

After some walk over the streets of Bacelona... Time to write down a little bit before I sleep...
Back In Spain, we wanna go back!! 😭
I'm coming home, tell the world that I'm coming home
Our faces while we wait for the bus to the airport
Morning guys and gals! Sadly we have to put an end to the journey... Time go to back to our duties and go back to Spain, so, let's get our first flight from Goteborg to Barcelona...

7 August 2016

Excuse me, Mr., do you know what time is it? Asked the raven walking by my side... 😂
The Iron... Ehem Hölö and the rest of the Islands!! One beautiful place to scape from the city noise!!
One of the last stops, the Archipielago. Let's see what it has to offer!
The Älsvborgs Fort and some Fikka Time! (I would LOVE to live here, as long as I has some electricity, water and Wifi though...)
Morning to all!! It's the day before we go back to Spain and we decided to make a couple of tours and enjoy some sea life... All on board!!
The crows are conspiring! 😱 (And nope, no three eyed crow found yet)
Off to Älvsborgs Fortress!!!

6 August 2016

Back to the hotel for a little foot rest and after having bought some Swedish delicattesen. Nope guys, it's not surmströmming season time... (Sigh)
And after the break... Some sightseeing by boat!! Hold on a second... It's that Piramid Head from Silent Hill 2 in the last photo?? 😱😱😱😱 RUNNN!!!
Had a little break on one of the coolest restaurant of Goteborg! The 2112!! Loved it!!
Music From Goteborg Special Museum! Feat. Dark tranquility, In flames, etc...
Goteborg city Museum
Look what we found on a shop over here PolemonGoManiacs!
Universeum Time!!
Some green for our journey!!! (And Daf with Sonic the Hedgehog Syndrome 😂)
After having a lovely dinner time to plan our next moves within the 2 days that we have left in Sweden!! Good night everyone!! 😊

5 August 2016

Some Swedish taste... Meatballs and Herring (classic dishes) and they were lovely!! Next step... Surströmming? 😝
Strange Arrival to Sweden... 🤔 Ghost receptionists, petrol station Check Ins, but Coffee for a Euro??!! I think I might cry of happiness!! 😍
Let's go to Sweden!!
Morning everyone!! After some laundry time (the clothes were that cold after washing that you could say that they had been washed in the Fjords water itself 😝) preparing ourself for the travel to Gothemburg! Let's enjoy some Melodic Death to celebrate the visit to the genre birthplace!!

4 August 2016

As our feet were killing us, we decided to go back to the Hotel! Tomorrow we will travel in the afternoon to Sweden! Meatballs are coming!!
Some refuelling after almost 10Km walking
Parlament and Oslo Opera!
Time for some Art Museums!! (Have you notice the Lovecraftian Self-portrait of Edward Munch?)🐙
Nobel Prize Center (A ver si me cae alguno...)
With all due respect... Doesn't the King (and Queen) of Norway painting looks like taken out from a Batman Comic?
Oslo Town Hall
Assault the Castle! (Continuation of the Akershus Fortress)
Of Oslo passes lost, castles and Ghost Stories...

3 August 2016

Let's go and travel to the Fjords!!
Having a coffee with the Fjords at our back, such a lovely view
A little bit of Norwegian Folkclore that had included a violin theme 400 years old!
Adventure time 2/2 and the Admunsen ship and travels!!
Adventure Time 1/2 and the Toughest Man that Norway has Bred!
Lets go Viking... Metal!!

2 August 2016

And now... Some Rest as tomorrow will be at sea!! All On board!!
Night walk and return to the Hotel
In to the Wildness along the Riverside
Memorial Cemetery and Edward Munch Tomb
Sights after little walk within the center of Oslo
How to describe the wonderful meal that we had for dinner? - Cheese mixed with caramel - Peppered Slices of something that resembled a distant cousin of ham - Water extractes from the Fjords that tasted strange - Bread (wich surprisingly was the best dish) Goodness gratious, it's gonna be tough... 😅 (And the best may still be to come)
City Main Square!!
Finally we arrived at what is going to be our home for a few days! Now let the tourism begin!!
Awaiting for our ride to Oslo!!
Stockholm Arrival!! Next flight to Oslo!!
Green Grass as far as you can see...
Stockholm here we go!!
Daf, Daf!! We're leaving for sure!! 😝
The champions breakfast!! @6:00Am
Brainssss... We mean Morrrnings
... And remember kids, your teeth hygiene is very important!! Post Sponsored By Colgate 😂

1 August 2016

Not a bad Sight from my grandma's rooftop 😎
Barcelona's Skyline ✈️
In the first plane at Málaga, first stop Barcelona! 😁
A reflexive moment before I start this journey: This travel means a sweet end and a reward after 4 years of hard working and studing in order to become a Nurse. 👷🏼 We feel that after many obstacles and struggles, this is the best way to celebrate the fact that we archieved the goal we fought for. The goal of become part of a family of proffesionals that care for the people and save lives. 🤕 And who knows!! Maybe it will be an opportunity to set new objectives bringing us the chance (while we enjoy the beautiful sights) of discover something new about ourselves! 😊
And so It begins... First Stop: Algeciras - Málaga Hell yeah!! 😜🤘🏻