Argentina · 4 Days · 10 Moments · September 2017

Aventura de Luckguy en Argentina

16 September 2017

Day 3 We woke yo me we went to the hot springs and to the water slides.Later, we went to the ate (meat with salad) and we went to Urquiza's house.Then, we went back Buenos Aires
Atte night,we Made a night game, un which we has to make Manu things,like mini plays, single songs,etc.

15 September 2017

Later,we ate in a New restaurant (we ate milanesa)
Then,we went to search different rocks and to cook australian bread.

14 September 2017

Second day: we waked up,and we had breakfast and then we went to a place to learn which ate the different types of rocks
Later,we ate (pasta) and we talked with the counselors

13 September 2017

Then, we got to the rooms
Later, we went by boat to an island, and we built a campfire
Then,we went to the windmil,and se learned the story of the forklaz family.Then,we had lunch (we ate chicken) and we talked with the counselors
My trip to Entre RĂ­os. First, we went to the bus.There, we met Federico,Alex and Alexina.They explain usted how Will be our trip and asigned us groups.Im from blue group/team.