Belize · 2 Days · 2 Moments · March 2016

Ashlee Arnold

Aventura de Ashlee en Belize

30 March 2016

Placencia, Belice We arrived in paradise after a long, hot day of travel from Flores. We checked into Lydia’s Guesthouse & had our first of many showers. I wasn’t feeling fabulous, most likely just a lack of sleep, so I tried to nap while Tim was being productive. That night I slept for 13 hours & woke up feeling fabulous. After a late breakfast at Cozy Corner we took a dip in the ocean. It was almost too warm to be refreshing. We missed the mad Easter rush by 2 days so the vibe was very chill which we very much preferred, however, it was obvious that the locals where not looking forward to the slow season ahead. We spent most of our time trying out different restaurants, swimming, taking in the view & showering. Seriously, I’ve never showered so much in my life! The food options were pretty good. A semi-retired Canadian couple befriended us one night & ended up paying our dinner bill & leaving before we could thank them. Such a lovely surprise & it feels good to pay it forward.

29 March 2016

Visa time I’d overstayed my Guatemalan visa by a few days so it was time to head out & renew. From Flores it was a couple of hours by bus to the Belice border & then a short taxi trip to San Ignacio, a small town near a national park. The 5am bus & 7am border crossing went well. They didn’t blink at my passport & I wasn’t charged the usual 10Q per day overstay fee. Winning! Belice is different. It’s English speaking, their currency is tied to the US dollar and everyone looks & speaks like they are from Jamaica. We decided that we didn’t like the vibe of San Ignacio so we jumped on a series of local buses to take us to Placencia. The first stop was Belmopan City, a hot & dusty hole. A taxi driver convinced us that the next bus out was hours away & would most likely not fit all of the passengers so we drove with him (for quite a fee) to the small coastal town of Dangriga, also dusty & hot & very rough around the edges. I was happy to jump on the final bus. Take me to paradise!