Sweden · 5 Days · 48 Moments · July 2017

From Finland to Sweden

23 July 2017

Beautiful view near the house
A relaxing bath in the lake

22 July 2017

Enjoying a delicicius scandinavian meal
Elias plays a traditional song for us, it was a very emotional moment
A lovely party at the house of the Lallo's family. Thankyou Catarina and Rein for yor hospitality. It has been marvelous.
The prize after a hard day of fishing
Walking to a nice church

21 July 2017

Mikael Rickfors concert
Waitting the toilet
Having dinner before the concert in a original and nice place
A nice swedish church
Where the bells are in the swedish church
More art
A lovely "fika" with my good friend Catarina
An interesting photgraphic exposition of famous senior persons in Sweden
The art integrated in the nature
The artist studio when you can enjoy "Fika" and art
Art exposition
Old paper factory
An original bra
A lot of diferent bread in Fengerfors, a little comunity where there are artisanal shops and art expositions

20 July 2017

Swimming in the lake
Having a very nice lunch with very good friends
The view of our cabin
Ånimskog. Catarina and rain summer house

19 July 2017

We have dinner in a persian restaurant. Very nice meal.
Millennium, the office of the magazine
Millennium: Bar kvarnen
Millennium: Lisbeth Salander apartment
Millenniun: Mosebacke torg. Lisbeth Salander apartment area
Having lunch. Räksmörgås.
Millennium: Mikael Blomkvist house
Millennium: Milton Security
We are in Stockholm, I want to visit the places which Stieg Larsson describes in Millennium because 2 years ago I visited Stockholm and I was reading the book but two days after the visit. Gunnar has offered to show me the places. A friki day 😜
Coming in to Stockholm