Czech Republic, Austria · 4 Days · 43 Moments · July 2017

Bologna to Prague

10 July 2017

We tasted and pointed czek beer in Praha 🍻 GUNNAR ANNA Kruševice : 8 9 Urquell: 6 8 Kozel: 4 4 Pivo Lásky: 5 3 Naplavka: 7 7 Lobkowicz: 5 6 Svijan: 5 5 Staropramen 7 6 Budweiser 7 8

9 July 2017

Having dinner otside the train station.
Jazz Dock. We are in a music pub to listen to some jazz
Trdelnik is a typical sweet. We tasted it with ice-cream.
Staromestske square
Having a krušovice beer before going to lunch.
Powder tower
Henry Tower
Jan Pallach, was a Czech stdent who killed himself in protest of the soviet ocupation of Czechoslovakia.

8 July 2017

Today we had dinner in a lebanese restaurant, it was fantastic. The waitress was an Algerian girl being very friendly who recomended us great vegetarian dishes.
Gunnar enjoing a beer in a boat pub at the river side
More of the beer
The original bill in a medieval pub
More of the river
The astronomic clock
Chanching of the guards in the castle
We past through a flee Market located at the river side. We want to go to the castle and cross the famous Charles bridge.
Pub boat 🍸🍹
Live music on the river in Praga

7 July 2017

We arrived to Prague. Beers in a typical Lokaaal
Traveller without ticket 😍
Now with other train we will go to Prague. We are really enjoying interrail
Our friens in the train to Ceske. CONGRATULATIONS RENE. He will be married soon. 😅😘
This is the first train station in Czech Republic
We arrive to Linz and quickly we take other train to Ceske in Czech Republic
During our journey to Munich we decided to jump off the train in Salzburg because it would get us to Prague 4-5 hours earlier. The scenary in Austria is very beautiful.
After dinner we went to the train station to catch the train to Munich at 22:46, but it was delayed one hour. I went to the toilet, and then I didn't find the platform where Gunnar was waitting, my mobil had'nt battery after 30 min and various instructions I managed found the platform. Gunnar was very worried, he thought that we might miss the train. But I could have been lost for another hour because the train was delayed for more than one hour. Finally the train came, but the compartment for six persons was too hot and small, so we found another that we've got for ourselves and we managed to sleep a few hours.

6 July 2017