Poland · 4 Days · 47 Moments · July 2017

From Prague to Poland

13 July 2017

We are waitting the bus to Riga (Latvia).
We have tried pierogi, tipical polish meal.
Malgosia is a lady who we have met in the train, she explained us in french the itinerary to lithuania and she has recomended us a restaurant for lunch in suwalki. She is very lovely.
Today we will travel all the day. We have much time........to work, to read, for play, to talk.....
Now we are travelling by train to Suwalki
Today it's rainning. We are departing from Warsaw to Bialystok. We will change the train after two hours, we hope, and then we will coninue our trip to suwalki. After we don' t know if is possible to entry in Lithuania by train or by bus.
Kopernic Monument
Statue of Adam Mickiewicz, polish poet
Statue of the mermaid

12 July 2017

Warsaw uprising Monument
Presidential Palace
The University of Warsow
Holy Cross Church
After 8 hours, finally we are in Warsow😁
The train broke down, it seems a tree has fallen down over the tracks. A conductor tell us that we must wait two or more hours. The other option that he gives us is to travel by bus to Radom and to take a train there. We prefer to catch the bus and to continue the adventure.
Today we depart to Warsaw. We are now catching the train. The trip will take 4h 30 min.

11 July 2017

Havana club 7 years in a cubano pub "papitos"
This factory now is a museum about the Nazi ocupation
This afternoon we have visited the Schindler factory "schindler list"
"BURNING" trout. It burns with a piece of sugar
A lovely socialist restaurant with a photo of Lenin
Gunnar in the central square of Nowa Huta called Ronald Reagan
Enormous public parks
Nowa Huta socialistic industrial comunity. This is the industrial zone
Drinking vodka in a jazz club listening to modern jazz, that non of us like

10 July 2017

Having dinner at the main square we were caught by a heavy downpour
Nice old band playing in the main square
The theather
The legend says that the dragon ate a lamb and after that got so thirsthy that it drank all the water of the wisla river, and thereby exploded and tha habitants of Krakow were saved from the dragon
An old tram at exposicion outside the technical museum of Krakow
View of the Wisla river
A walk through the jewish quarter
Walking around the castle
We had a very nice vegetarian lunch in a cellar restaurant.
Old University in Krakow
Excellent Polish beer
The market square with St Marie church
Our hotel.
Defense tower of Krakow
We are now in the train station of Auschwitz, now we are arriving to krakow
We departed from Prague at 23:09 and we have slept on the train. We'll arrive to Krakow at 7 a.m.