Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia · 3 Days · 31 Moments · July 2017

From Poland to Baltic countries

16 July 2017

St Nicholas
Town hall square
Puhavaimu kirik
Walking around the old city
St Olav's church
The medieval wall around Tallin
Porgulavale. A old house in the center of Tallin
Today we are going to Tallin. This is the train station of Tartu
We are with a spanish friends, Javi and Álvaro in a Pub in Tartu

15 July 2017

Püssirohu kelder. The place when Gunnar, Sverre, Rein and Pe used to hang out during their visit in 1994.🍻🍹🍸
Gunnar at statue of Gustav Afolf II.
The University of Tartu
Hall square
Woman look after the children
Man playing football. Why can women not play football on a traffic sign? Male chauvinism
After about 30 minutes of search, we finally found the building which used to be Park Hotell where Gunnar stayed with his friends during their visit in 1994. It is now an international school.
After lunch, we are in the train station of Valga. We will arrive to Tartu at 17:12 pm
Today we'll leave Riga and Latvia. Now we are on the train to Valga where we'll change to Tartu.

14 July 2017

We are very very tired. We didn't sleep last night in the bus. And we decided to visit the city on wheels.
We are in Riga. This is a big park called kronvakda.
We are in the bus from Vilnius to Riga at 5:07am, in Spain one hour less, and it's already becoming dawn.
We have arrived to Vilnius bus station at 1:30 am. The station was closed, and we have walked to the train station to drink a coffee. We hope that the bus to Riga will depart at 3:20 am, because there isn't a timetable in the bus station and there isn't a train to Riga.