Europe · 12 Days · 50 Moments · July 2017

From Sweden to Italy

4 August 2017

29 July 2017

We are returning from Valencia to Denia by bus. Here our fantastic trip is ending. 🚉😂

28 July 2017

A fantastic lunch in a local restaurant called "il refugio"
Narrow streets
Walking at the fishmarket
We are in the fismarket in Bari where they are shooting a film
The theather of Bari

27 July 2017

Opera in the street. "O sole mio"
Views of the port
Beach of Bari
Walking to the beach

26 July 2017

Night pub
Via Venecia with nice views to the sea
Narrow streets
Walking at Via Venecia
Old and beautiful houses
Chapells in the streets
The cathedral
Pasta with octopus in a family restaurant called sopravento
An old Lancia from 1967
The old batman style car
Learning to make pasta
The lovely fiat panda
The castle and the fort
S. NICOLAS church
Dry pasta in the street
Octopus in the fishmarket
A lovely street in the old town of Bari

25 July 2017

We Arrived to Bari and finished our travel by interrail
Wine yard in Italy
This morning we are travelling from Innsbruck to Bolognia.

24 July 2017

Then we took a train to Munchen. We had lunch in the train and arrived to Innsbruck at 19 pm. It was a long journey. After a shower in the hotel we went to have dinner in a Tirol restaurant, good meal and music.
Yestarday night we were trying to arrive to Hamburg, but we had problems because a lot of trains were out of service. After Copenhague we went to Roskilde, then by bus to Slagelse and then we stopped in Middelfart, but the train that we wanted to take, was out of service. We had to arrive with other train to Fredericia, when we slept in a train station bank from 2:00h am to 6:46 h am. Then we took the train to Flensburg, and then to Hamburg. We arrived this morning at 10:45 am

23 July 2017

Copenhague train station
We was going to Falkenberg with Sverre by car. Then we take a train to Copenhague. All the trip is rainning. Now we are in the train station of Lunde.