United States of America · 4 Days · 35 Moments · March 2017

Ava's Voyage To Trump Town

24 March 2017

Naval Academy

23 March 2017

Night Tour 🏛
World War ll Memorial
Mount Vernon
George (right) and Martha Washington's tomb
Boat Ride to Mount Vernon 🚣

22 March 2017

The Supreme Court and White House
The White House!
Washington Monument
African American History Museum Part 2
African American History Museum (Tap on the pictures to make them bigger)
Capitol Hill 🙌🏻
Korean War Memorial
Vietnam Wall
World War II Memorial

21 March 2017

History Smithsonian Museum The flag was the original flown over Fort Sumter
Science Smithsonian Museum (I'm holding up whale in the one picture of me)🐋
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial 💵
Lincoln Memorial
National Cathedral in Washington D.C
National Cathedral- The tomb of former president Woodrow Wilson
National Cathedral
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Cherry Blossoms 🌸
Franklin Rosevelt Memorial
Washington Monument

20 March 2017

We're on top of a memorial on the battle ground of Gettysburg!
Sections of the largest mural painting in North America. It is 42 feet long and was created over 100 years ago.
Battle ground at Gettysburg
Statue of Robert E. Lee in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Lewars House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Battle ground at Gettysburg. The only war apart of the Civil War fought in a free (non-slave) state.
Library in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 🗺
We're driving through the mountains listening to Taylor Swift and One Direction!💕🏔🎶