United States of America · 4 Days · 6 Moments · November 2017

Tennessee 2017 Thanksgiving

25 November 2017

We went to the Titanic Museum on our last day in Tennessee. My favorite part was definitely the cold ice-burg and the freezing water that we were allowed to experience. I definitely did enjoy the music gallery, though. I recommend it! It’s very heart wrenching and sad, but history must never be forgotten.

24 November 2017

We went Black Friday shopping !! The food was amazing, the people were amazing. I had a blast.
My favorite part of the entire trip was definitely the baked bean factory. Bush’s baked beans. I love baked beans!! We ate at the attractions diner, and the food was splendid. We watched a short movie about the history. My favorite part was trying the different baked beans. We bought a lot of cans that will last us through Christmas!! I had a great time here with my family.

23 November 2017

Crime museum! My favorite part was seeing O.J. Simpson’s real white car during his famous chase. I loved this museum, it’s great for the family!
We had a hot tub in our cabins! We went to visit aunt Brenda, Ronny, Katie, Matt, Elsie, aunt sandy, and our uncle for Thanksgiving Dinner. We had so much fun. The views were amazing. I would definitely go back with that side of the family. We don’t spend a lot of quality time with them!

22 November 2017

Had a little photoshoot in our cabin. The place was beautiful, I really felt at home there.