Israel · 9 Days · 5 Moments · October 2016

Autumn holidays in Bat Yam, Israel

16 October 2016

Night view from Haifa on Tel Aviv's lightning ✨✨✨ and macro filming of my mother's eye 👁🤳🏿

14 October 2016

Old City Jerusalem, The Death Sea, view forward our hotel in Bat Yam and just a perfect days 🔥

13 October 2016

The most interesting place in Israel for me - Bahai Garden. Let me tell you some interesting facts: • The Terraces of the Bahá'í Faith, also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, are garden terraces around the Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. They are one of the most visited tourist attractions in Israel. The architect is Fariborz Sahba from Iran, the structural engineers are Karban and Co. from Haifa. • The gardens have elements of the Persian gardens of Shiraz, Iran, the Nishat Bagh gardens of Kashmir, India and English gardens, isolating the site from the noise of the surroundings and connecting the different Bahá'í buildings on Mount Carmel together. Fully symmetrical green gardens are the perfect place for perfectionists.

12 October 2016

It's time to upload some pics from 2k16. Israel - amazing place for people, who like relaxing on the beach and visiting old stunning places 🕴🏿 This is a typical view near the route. 29 degrees above zero and bright sun - perfect for autumn holidays!!! Here is the main information, that you should know about this country: • Israel's diverse culture stems from the diversity of its population: Jews from diaspora communities around the world have brought their cultural and religious traditions back with them, creating a melting pot of Jewish customs and beliefs. • Israel's economy and technology center is Tel Aviv, while its seat of government and proclaimed capital is Jerusalem, although the state's sovereignty over Jerusalem is internationally unrecognized.

8 October 2016

Quesaria (Caesarea) was built by Herod the Great about 25–13 BCE as the port city Caesarea Maritima. Caesarea is located on the Israeli coastal plain, the historic land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa approximately halfway between the major cities of Tel Aviv 45 kilometers (28 mi) and Haifa 45 kilometers (28 mi). Caesarea is situated approximately 5 kilometers (3 mi) northwest of the city of Hadera, and is bordered to the east by the Caesarea Industrial Zone and the city of Or Akiva. Directly to the north of Caesarea is the town of Jisr az-Zarqa. The Roman theatre, located at the site, often hosts concerts by major Israeli and international artists.