Sweden · 10 Days · 3 Moments · February 2019

Australia trip with kids

19 February 2019

The hats have arrived! 😃👒 Aren’t they cute?! Elton’s hat is a bit big, but as long as he doesn’t take it off I think it’ll work fine. I can picture the three of them playing on the beach together. 😍🏖

10 February 2019

So we’re soon off for 8 weeks to the amazing country Australia. We’re in the middle of packing. Here are the kids clothes. (We have three kids 5, 2.5 and 1) What and what not to bring? How many shorts do you need? I have now cut it down to around 7 pairs. And swimsuits? I just put down almost all the ones the kids have. Both long sleeved, shorts, swimsuits and bikinis. Shoes... We decided that we only need one pair of sneakers (to wear on the flight & if we want to go hiking), 1 sandals and 1 or 2 beach shoes. Then we will buy new flip-flops and sandals if needed. Luckily our kids are still very small so it all fits in one side of the suitcase. 😀👏🏼 (Except for the shoes which we’ll pack in another bag.) The clothes outside the suitcase are clothes to wear while traveling and also extras (in case of them spilling drinks over themselves) that will go in a carry on bag. I also ordered some cute hats for the kids. I’ll show you when they arrive. 😊👒
Since we’re going to rent cars on our trip we decided to buy this smart bag for Junie. It’s a backpack that takes 8 liters of stuff and is at the same time a car seat. The bag cost about 600SEK and to rent a seat like this for 8 weeks cost a whole lot more, so it saves us money already on this first trip we bring it. And since we have three kids and she is the oldest we’re probably going to get use of it for a lot of years. 😃🙌🏼