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Travelling Teacher Australia Adventure

12 April 2018

Hi All. Early morning get up to go to Brisbane airport for my flight to New zealand. I had a massive portion of granola in departures and the plane only left a little bit late. My bag attacked me at check in, so I now have a very nice bruise on my arm. I have now set up a New Zealand blog now so please follow that one now if you want to. X

9 April 2018

More events in the last couple of days. All together have seen badminton, swimming and 3 lots of athletics. A cute baby distracted me throughout the evening session though (so expressive and hilarious). Met one of the Welsh athletes mum on the bus to the stadium (they live in Morton in the Marsh by coincidence). Have eaten way too much junk food the last couple of days so I'm hoping New Zealand will change my diet to one that isn't pastry and McDonald's centred.

8 April 2018

So if you've seen my Facebook you'll know I went to the Commonwealth games athletics session this afternoon. I bought the ticket when I woke up (last minute). First I moved hostels this morning and now have a bed in a 5 bed dorm instead of a 14 bed dorm like the last place AND it has an ensuite! I then got the tram but got on the wrong one so had to do a slightly scenic route to where I needed to be. But I did see some of the South African athletes on the tram which made up for going the wrong way. Also, Gold Coast is the only place I've seen that has built in storage for surf boards on their trams (crazy). I arrived at the stadium and had to walk up A LOT of steps to my seat (leg day is well and truly done). Luckily, my seat was in the shade so I didn't get burnt. Got to see lots of events and England win a medal in the hammer throw. I had a meat pie for my afternoon snack (don't get why Aussies eat Meat pies on their own).

7 April 2018

Went down to the beach today to see what was happening for the Commonwealth games festival. Saw the mascot, light up see-saws, some kind of sand writing machine, a guy holding his breath in a tank (weird) and the main stage bands. Also witnessed a aboriginal demonstration (No justice, no games). Nothing kicked off though. Then I went and finally did some karaoke (group style) at the Giant sing along on the beach. Classic tunes included sweet Caroline and livin on a prayer. In the evening I went on a tour to Spingbrook national park to see glow worms. Disappointing would be the key word from the evening. An hour drive for three minutes seeing glow worms in a cave and then a visit to a gift shop. Waste of time and money. But oh well. Also am feeling pretty sick but think that may be sun/heat stroke.

5 April 2018

I arrived in surfers paradise yesterday afternoon and went for dinner at Hard Rock cafe with a couple of peeps from my room. Twisted mac, chicken and cheese with LOTS (I don't care if you judge) tomato sauce! Today I made my way out to Highland Park. Two buses and a tram later I arrived but was far to early to get my nails done so went for a walk around some wild bird habitats and had a apricot Danish for breakfast whilst the ducks/birds hounded me for it. I went all the way to Highland Park because that's where my old nail lady from Witney, Sarah, emigrated to. Had a good catch up whilst she did my fingers and toes (toes are bright pink of course). Afterwards I headed to the Pacific fair shopping centre to buy some cheapish trainers for New Zealand. Bought last minute Badminton tickets for the evening and got to watch the group stages, England vs Australia. We of course won all of the matches! Shame that the England supporters weren't that vocal compared to the Aussies.

4 April 2018

Another early start and out by 7am to get a multitude of buses up to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary. I got there half an hour after it opened and went straight to get my ticket for the koala photos before it got too busy (always check trip advisor). I was the second person to get a photo at 10 o'clock. In my opinion my camera took better photos than their 'professional' one did (but you have to be ripped off somehow). After my cuddle with a koala I went to the falconry (they call them raptors) show and totally beat all the kids to the answer of what was the fastest bird (peregrine falcon if you're wondering). Then watched a sheep dog show (reminded me of babe) and then explored the rest of the sanctuary. I saw a platypus, a Tanzmanian devil and a cassowary to name but a few. Got a bus back to the city and went to the cinema in the afternoon. Saw 'A Wrinkle in Time' and 'Love, Simon'. One was good, one not so much. Guess which?

3 April 2018

Went on a day trip to Moreton Island today. Had to be up early to get the 7am coach to the ferry. I've taken the maximum motion sickness tablets today not just for the choppy ferry crossing. Arrived at the island and first went to 'The Desert' inland by 4x4 bus and went sand tobogganing. Scary stuff!!! I did it properly so didn't hurt myself or get a face full of sand unlike some. Then we went back to the beach for lunch (nothing special make your own wraps). After lunch we went snorkeling by the Tangalooma wrecks to see all the fish and coral (closest thing to the Great barrier reef that I'll see this trip). Then we went clear kayaking. Didn't see as many fish but it was still good. Finished the day by laying on the beach and watching the sun set. Lush day.

1 April 2018

Because of the boat trip being cancelled we got up slightly later and had a big Easter cooked breakfast with little chocolate bunny and egg gifts from our guide Harry. We went to the Bunderburg rum distillery for the 10am tour but it was fully booked (I said to book last night) so we went to the 10.30 instead. The Chinese couple on the tour somehow joined the 10 o'clock (they don't speak ANY English) because they just walked in 🙄. Got to try some samples at the end and then went to the Bundaburg ginger beer factory for sampling of all the different flavours. We went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and after lunch we headed to Mamminos for gourmet ice cream and then to Ohanas for fruit wine and cider tasting. All in all I've had way to much sugar and am going to sleep it off on the bus on the way back to Brisbane or maybe watch Crocodile Dundee 2. Spotted the Glasshouse mountains on the drive back as well. FYI don't put choc eggs in your bag in Oz. It doesn't end well. 🤭

31 March 2018

We headed to the reptile zoo after breakfast and learnt about the sugar cane plantations on the way. At the zoo we got to feed the emu and kangaroos, handle the (non venomous) snakes and see the crocs being fed and the koalas. I still love snakes (the non deadly kind) and the kangaroos are super chilled. One of them called Alex loved his food and thought my hand was too high when feeding him so he pushed it down with his claw (nice arm scratch). One of the keepers was missing a thumb and apparently the Croc (Macca) had bitten it off a couple of years ago. After the zoo we went for lunch at the Brew house and then tried to go to the rum factory but it was already closed. Bought myself an Easter egg at the shop in the afternoon (only one I'm getting) and then we had a BBQ back at the resort in the evening and started up a bit of a Pool tournament. We also found out that the boat trip is cancelled tomorrow so I won't t be seeing the Great barrier reef on this trip to Oz which is a shame.

30 March 2018

Early start today. Off to the Great barrier reef for the Easter weekend. Decided I didn't want to be stuck in Brisbane when nothing is open. It was a long bus ride up to Bargara and we stopped at the services where Matilda the Kangaroo (old commenwealth games mascot) now resides. Staying at Kelly's Beach Resort and managed to wangle the double room downstairs because I'm scared of ladders and so couldn't go upstairs. Had a lovely lunch (and cider) before checking into our rooms and then we went to the beach. We walked the wrong way so it took a little longer than expected. Went for a swim in the sea and the under currents are ridiculously strong. Had dinner after the beach (double pasta) and then tried one of the Easter cocktails whilst watching Hop at the outdoor cinema. I was finding it funnier than the children that were there. We were supposed to be on the reef tomorrow but its been postponed because of the current cyclone situation. Hopefully we'll go on Sunday.

29 March 2018

Started today by going to the city with some people from my room. Had to leave the hostel room by 10 for 'routine' pest control. It doesn't give me a lot of confidence. Got the ferry over and had lunch at coffee club. The weather has been pretty unpredictable today with lots of heavy showers. After lunch me and a few other people went to the Queensland museum. I'd heard that it was a hands on kind of museum but when we got there there wasn't a lot to see apart from a few dinosaur bones and a lot of stuffed wildlife. I wanted to see their Egyptian exhibition but they were charging an arm and a leg so didn't bother in the end. Museums should be free! In the evening I went to the bar with one of the new girls from the room and watched one of the guys try to complete the burger challenge. Sadly he failed but as we know 'failure is just a step to success' lol. We then came second in the trivia quiz. It was multiple choice. (so not a proper quiz!)

28 March 2018

Woke up today at 5am because the guy on the bunk below me snores worse than I do. Did a wash and had breakfast at the hostel before heading into the CBD. I walked to SouthBank and then got the free City hopper ferry over to Eagle Street pier (at least I think it was the free one oops). I had a coffee then met SJ (friend from uni) for lunch. Funnily enough I didn't expect my crab burger to be an actual whole soft shell crab with its' legs hanging out of the bun (very weird but still tasty). After SJ went back to work I wandered around the city and saw the botanical Gardens, the University and went up the city Hall clock tower. I was hoping to go to the museum of art but it was shut for refurbishment. I also looked around the Queen Street mall before getting the ferry back over the river and having fish and overly salty chips for dinner.

26 March 2018

So last night I went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a girl from my room and then walked to the beach to meet up with Kimberly who I met in Sydney. We all had Ben and Jerry sundaes (sickening is an understatement). This morning I had to check out so went for breakfast at a cafe in town and then went to the cinema to waste a couple of hours and to get out of the humidity. Chilled at the hostel for a bit after that and ran into a couple I'd met in Byron Bay. Got the bus to Brisbane in the late afternoon and went past Australia Zoo (hoping to visit at some point while I'm here). My bus driver was called Bruce (no joke) how quintessential Australia is that? Got to the hostel using the shuttle bus from the transit centre and went to the bar for some snacks. It happened to be bingo night so I thought I may as well take part. I only went and won the line didn't I so got a packet of crisps (I like winning) and was only one number off the Bingo. Stupid number 56. PS. Food pics (Steph)
Went for a quick brekkie this morning before buying some sporty leggings and heading to the meet up point for my Everglades trip. Arrived at the river and 4 of us volunteered to paddle before lunch when everyone else got the boat up to the lunch spot. The everglades are so peaceful but I didn't see much wildlife. It was nice to use my paddling skills and not in a kayak for once. When we got to the lunch stop we had a BBQ (Steak) with all the extras and then before we left to get the boat back I saw a lizard and fed the (slightly scary) catfish the leftover bread. When we got back to shore we had to wait 5 mins for our bus driver but we're entertained by the Ukulele group performing for the Queens baton relay for the commenwealth games. Oh and I forgot to say, I was bitten 19 times by bugs in the everglades today so now look like I'm a walking pin cushion.

24 March 2018

Went to Fraser Island for a couple of days. We went to Rainbow beach first to pick up the cars. I was in the manual 4x4. Got the ferry over and I got to drive a bit on the sand and a bit on inland tracks. I loved the driving but it was a bit scary when the cars steer themselves on the sand. I saw quite a few dingos and the shipwreck. I walked over desert and walked through rainforest. We did a 45 min walk to a lake (not worth the distance for the time you're there). We went to Eli creek and Mackenzie Lake (which was beautiful). The people were nice but a bit clicky because they had all come in couples or groups. Sat in the back of the car for a bit on the second day and it was 🤢 over the extremely bumpy inland tracks. When we returned to the mainland I volunteered to take the car to get petrol, just so I could drive on my own a bit more, and play my music loudly. So I think I will now get a 4x4 when I get home, such fun! Lol.

22 March 2018

21 March 2018

Last day in Byron Bay. Stayed in bed for half the day because I still didn't feel great. Then got up and went for lunch in the afternoon at Bayger for a burger. Delish! After that, me and one if my room mates walked to Byron lighthouse. Did the scenic (longer, harder) route there and the easy road option on the way back down. On the way up we stopped at look out points, watched the surfers and saw an iguana (defo some kind of lizard anyway). Lovely views from up near the lighthouse. Once we got back to town we got the bus back to the hostel just in time for the cheese and wine evening. (cheddar, crackers and goon lol).

20 March 2018

Went sea kayaking today in Byron Cape. Getting out there was fine but we only saw 2 turtles and no dolphins (they must know bad weather is coming). Oh well, you can't do anything about nature not showing up. However, things got progressively worse as the waves got bigger and bigger. Not to the extent that we were going to capsize but because I got the worst motion/sea sickness I've had in years and I didn't have any food to eat to stop it. We kept stopping (looking for animals that weren't there) and the bobbing up and down 20 foot was not good as it turns out. Thought I would be fine but I definitely wasn't and I was sick into the sea twice 🤮😱. It was so embarrassing! Luckily I wasn't the only one and another girl was worse than me. I managed to stick it out until the last 20 minutes and had to be taken into shore early. It was fun riding the waves back in to shore though. For the rest of the day I have felt lousy and am debating whether to stay in bed all evening.

19 March 2018

Got up at 5 to go see the sunrise from the lighthouse. I was told to be at reception for 6am (Wrong-first bus went at 5.30). Then there were too many people for the next bus so we had to write our names on a list in order of who got there first (obviously I wasn't high on the list because I was told 6am). The 2nd bus went and by this time we knew we would miss sunrise so watched it on the beach instead. The 3rd run of the bus came and we thought we'd go up just for the view but there weren't enough spaces on this one either. So just my room mate and I missed out on going up there. My passive aggressive comments to the hostel manager later in the day were definitely justified. Oh well, went for breakfast in town instead at a sustainable bakery and then did some scrapbooking back at the hostel. Did some shopping in town in the afternoon and had all you can eat pizza at the hostel in the evening with a few ciders.

18 March 2018

So today hasn't been very eventful I'm afraid. Woke up at 3.40am to catch the bus to Byron Bay. Saw something I really wish I hadn't (can't write about it in a public blog but let's just say some people have no shame). Caught the bus and stopped at Maccas for a Mocha for breakie. The drivers switched a few hours in and the second driver was awful. Went through a couple of quirky towns. One had every post decorated with a different tartan and Scottish name and another was obviously famous for shrimp because they had a massive one in town. The new hostel seems good, much better than the last only issue was they didn't have a booking for me 😦, all sorted now though. I did a wash (told you today wasn't very interesting). And just to prove to my mother that I'm not eating badly I've taken a picture of a nectarine I've eaten (at least I think it is, it's been so long I'm not sure lol). I have not pictured the six pack of hot cross buns I'm also polishing off 😋😉

17 March 2018

So I arrived in Port Macquarie at 4.50 this morning, made my way to the hostel (it's a proper backpackers). Used the code they gave me to get in and went to find my key at the desk. It wasn't there. After looking for a bit I rang the girl who worked there so I could get into a room. There was somebody already sleeping in my bed (goldilocks ref intended) so I got put in another room, luckily a cheaper room. Slept for so long and then headed to the Koala Hospital. Before I went and saw the koalas, I went into the historic Roto House, a victorian house with exhibits about the family that lived there. I then went and saw the koalas. They sleep for 18-20 hours a day (a bit like me). I also saw some different wild birds. The walk there and back was ridiculously hot and I might have got a bit of heat stroke because I slept for 2 hours when I got back to the hostel. Now waiting for the sun to go down before I venture out to the shops.

16 March 2018

Very early get up at 5.30 today to go on the Hunter Valley wine tasting tour. I was more excited about the cheese tasting later in the day but the wine would do to start with. We went to 4 different places on the tour and finished with a vodka tasting (they also make gin). In two of the places you could also sample olive oils and vinegars. Don't double dip they said but they didn't say anything about not going back and getting more bread 3 times in a row. Tried some reds and whites (I can't really be more specific than that lol). And then came the cheese! These I can remember. A yoghurt cheese to start marinated in oil and chilli (delish), then a strong flavoured Brie followed by a feta (I don't usually like feta but this was scrummy). To finish we had some good old cheddar. Lunch was included but I was a bit full of cheese by that point. After the vodka tasting we went to a chocolate shop and tried some. All in all, an indulgent day. Off to Port Macquarie tonight. No sleep for me. 😴

15 March 2018

Today I got up earlyish and headed to Bondi beach with a girl I met on yesterday's tour. Prior to that I found a half dead cock roach out side the bathrooms in the hostel 😵. But back to the day, Bondi wasn't very busy and had I had a veggie breakfast +sausage (of course). After the beach we went back to the city and walked up to the cathedral before going up the sky tower to see the views. In the afternoon I went to the Magic museum. First when I got there it wasn't even open, bit of an issue (I'd bought my ticket online). Then turns out I'm the only one on the tour. I'd love to tell you what I found out but I took the magic oath. I can say however that I knew most of the tricks already. Headed to the opera bar in the evening for food before seeing 'Carmen' at the Sydney Opera House.

14 March 2018

Today I got up late and went for lunch at The Rocks cafe. Had a delicious Kangaroo burger. I've never had kangaroo before but it was lush. Then met the Home and Away tour bus. Unfortunately the cast weren't filming today so we didn't meet anyone but Palm beach (Summer Bay) is beautiful. Took lots of photos and had a walk along the beach, trying to avoid standing on any blue bottles 😱. After the beach we visited dome of the house locations and then headed back to Manly (whilst answering quiz questions). Manly also has a beautiful beach but I wasn't able to stay long because I needed to catch the ferry back to the city. I bought a hair dryer because I NEED one (nearly 3 months without) and then saw beautiful views of the harbour bridge and opera house as our ferry returned to the city 🤢. Went for dinner at opera bar with Erin and got some pretty night shots of the sights before heading back to my hostel.

13 March 2018

This is going to be more of a running commentary of my 12 hr bus journey. Got to the bus station in plenty of time after stopping at 7 eleven for snacks. It was tipping it down when I left Melbourne. First point: I've been allocated a seat at the back, not great if you get coach sick 🤢 but fine at the moment thank goodness. Second: the driver is a tad odd (nice but odd). We have stopped more times for him to go to the toilet than the passengers and then he stopped to tell people they can have a fag break. Just what I want, a load of people smelling like cigarettes in an enclosed space 😷. Also why do Cadburys Cherry Ripes not exist in the UK? Cherry-good, coconut-good, chocolate-good! We had one proper rest stop so far for mediocre coffee and I've started watching 'The Crown' on Netflix (no spoilers please). Got to Canberra and we've had a change of drivers. Apparently this one doesn't rememver how to drive a bus, keeps breaking randomly all the time 🤢🤮🤢🤮.

12 March 2018

So let me start by explaining that I should currently be in Canberra according to my very detailed itinerary. However, I met a girl on the Neighbours tour yesterday who happened to mention she had a spare ticket to see Ed Sheeran on Monday night in Melbourne because her friend couldn't travel down for it. She asked if I wanted to go. I immediately got on the phone to see if I could change my bus and accommodation. A lot of multi tasking later, it turned out I could. Hence the change of hostel because the city was nearly completely booked out (public holiday). So there you go that's why I am now having to take a 12 hr bus straight to Sydney tomorrow morning. And it shows that the kindness of strangers is real. Also, brits stick together. Got up feeling full of cold this morning. I'm still unsure if it's a cold or allergies. Grabbed some pizza for lunch from Pepperonis and joined Netflix (a necessity for the bus I feel). Ed was as amazing as I hoped and I got back to the hostel OK. YOLO

11 March 2018

Today I had my second dose of Neighbours since arriving in Melbourne and went on the neighbours tour. It was amazing! Saw all the external sets and got to chat about all the stuff I've missed since January. It was nice that everyone else on the bus were also neighbours geeks. We had to be escorted everywhere by a rather stressy security guard who kept wanting us to move on quicker. Not when I'm trying to get a good photo in the Lassiter's park gazebo thank you very much. After the tour I went with one of the girls from the tour (and coincidentally my hostel) to the Fitzroy area again where we had lunch and then amazing ice cream at Pidapipo. I moved hostel in the afternoon (story to come tomorrow-surprise) and then went to the South Bank for a cider and snack before seeing the fireworks for a second night in a row at Moomba Festival.

10 March 2018

So today started off with me meeting Steph at the station. We travelled to the Docklands on the tram, saw the Star (Melbourne's London Eye) and then Rosa arrived. We went to Nandos for lunch. Pretty much the same as in England and then headed to Artvo for some immerse art fun. After that we headed to Crown Casino to look around the shops and then went to the arcade. Two lads on the dance machines didn't get 9ff them the entire time we were there (obviously spend all their free time on them, they were ridiculously good). With my tokens from the other games I was able to get the grand prize of... A Pac-man keyring 🙄. We then walked down the Southbank before heading to an Italian restaurant for dinner. After dinner we headed to Moomba, Melbourne's family festival. The night ended with a fireworks display, which of course was amazing. Sad to be saying bye to friends but here's to travelling up the coast.

9 March 2018

Lazy get up today and switched to the bottom bunk in my dorm (I bloody hate bunk beds). Went to the Queen Victoria Market but didn't buy anything, it just wouldn't fit in my bag. Then met up with one of the girls I met yesterday on the walking tour and we went to the Fitzroy (hipster) area. Quirky Streets, boutique shops and rooftop bars over looking the city. After we 'borrowed' a whole plate of olives from another table we went to look at the Fitzroy Gardens and then trekked to the Botanical gardens. 25000 steps so far today. I've definitely had my fill of gardens. I'm off to meet up with Jemma and Lauren later for dinner but thought I'd write this first before my 'paid for' WiFi runs out at the hostel.

8 March 2018

Today I thought I'd do one of the local free (not actually free unless you want to look tight) walking tours around Melbourne. Our guide was called Christie (with a CH) and she told us a lot about the city, its' history, the buildings and the culture. We started by looking at all the amazing street art down the lane ways and then had coffee at one of the cafes. The city was sooo hot today. Unusual apparently for this time of year. Saw some amazing buildings and went for lunch at a pub called Captain Melville. Tried to go to the Queen Victoria Market after but it had just shut so went to the state library before walking back down to Flinders Street and going to acmi (Australian centre for the moving image). Really good hands on museum about gaming, cinema and television. In the evening I headed by train to Prahran to meet up with Lucy who I haven't seen in years. Had a good catch up over cider and wedges and then had to run for the train back to the city but caught it just in time.

7 March 2018

I travelled by bus to Phillip island. Our driver was self named Big Ben. Slept most of the journey because we got stuck in rush hour traffic. We then had to watch a video about the penguins which looked like it had been made in 1990. Managed to see some wildlife straight away and then headed down to the viewing platforms at the beach. The penguins ended up coming in at about 8.35. I found them super difficult to see and it didn't help that the people around me didn't know the meaning of being quiet. The photos are courtesy of Google because you aren't allowed to take photos or videos of the penguins (I like to follow the rules). I was expecting to see big groups of penguins coming in to shore on mass but it was just little groups. The best part was the walk back to the main visitor centre because you can see all the penguins up close walking back to their burrows.
Left Chelsea this morning. Got the train to Melbourne using my new bag. Got into flinders Street station and checked in at my hostel. Everyone seems friendly. Went out to grab some lunch and saw some amazing street art. Before going to the meeting point for the bus to Phillip Island. I forgot to say (rant) the lack of free, decent WiFi in Melbourne is disgraceful. I was better connected in the 3rd world countries of South East Asia. (end rant)

6 March 2018

Started today with a brunch at Coffee Club. Jumped on the Melbournian obsession with avocado by having a Chicken, cheese and avocado sandwich with my coffee. Yum. After that I walked to the beach and hung out for a couple of hours in the lovely (too hot for a pasty girl) weather whilst listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Then went to Mordi for coffee and cake before heading to the beach in the evening in Edithvale to see the seal. Unfortunately he had already left so we headed to Cold Rock for ice cream. I had rainbow ice cream with whizz fizz and caramello koalas (Cadbury Taz) in it. When I got back to Steph's I tried Vegemite for the first time. As much as I know I'm not allowed to say this, I will anyway. It tastes like a saltier Marmite. 😉😋🤐 Then found Alfie the cat had taken over my bed for a second night in a row. Lol.

5 March 2018

Today started with a early morning walk through the park and a trip to the bakery for breakfast. Steph's lovely parents then took me to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens near Yarra Junction. Had a lovely meat pie lunch and saw Lotus chips (actually made out of the centre of the lotus flowers). We saw the largest variety of lily pad in the world and saw lots of the wild birds. Eddie the Great Egret was my favourite . Had to also put a picture of my new friend Scout the cat, who I'm still not sure if I'm allergic to. But she's too sweet for me to care. Went for a catch up with another friend from a past tour.

3 March 2018

Kicked off the weekend with a trip to the shopping centre to buy a new rucksack. I just can't sow up (get other people to) any more holes in this bag. Whilst there I was taken to one of Steph's fave food outlets called Schnitz. Massive portions and delicious food. Party night was awesome and we finally got back to Steph's at 4am after a trip to 'Maccas'. Today went for brunch/lunch at Coffee club; eggs benedict all the way. Then we went to Chadstone to watch The Greatest Showman sing along (and I did). The chairs also reclined - very fancy. After, we grabbed some food and saw a guy on crutches who was just casually off to the toilets with his Cockatoo on his shoulder. Also tried one of Australia's musts: Tim Tams. In my opinion they are a mix between pink wafers and Penguin chocolate bars.

28 February 2018

Have spent the last few days visiting one of the local primary schools. Saw classes from different grades and helped out where I could. Got to go to the Life education bus with one of the classes which was good seeing as I missed it at home. Am now addicted to the Australian version of 'Married at first sight' (MAFS). Its hilarious. Went for dinner last night in St Kilda and saw Luna Park (a super old theme park), it reminds me of the Pinocchio theme park. Off to Steph's 30th (round the world) birthday party tonight, so went to source accessories for my costume at the shopping centre.

27 February 2018

Today we travelled to Dandenong. First we went to the Sky High viewpoint on Mount Dandenong, with beautiful views over the city and surrounding areas. We then went to some of the water falls. They were easy walks compared to the 'Hell hill' of Laos. I even saw a family of Kookaburras. Yes I sang the song. After that Janelle took me to Miss Marples, a cute, little tea room. I had a trifle and ice coffee (sugar coma to follow). Next door there was an adorable Teapot shop, I wanted to buy them all. After that we took a trip to one of my favourite places 'Ramsey Street' aka Pin Oak. Embarrassingly, Janelle did a drive by whilst playing the Neighbours theme tune (video will be on FB) and then I took pictures of the houses, whilst being quizzed about which characters live at each address.

26 February 2018

Today we took a little road trip. First to Southland shopping centre to see if I could get a sim plan for my phone. Unfortunately the phone needed a code that we didn't have so HAD to go for coffee and some apple and blueberry pie. After that we travelled to Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula. I had my first Australian Parma, delicious!! (but bloody massive). Then went for a walk along the sandbags, rocks and pier before driving home.

24 February 2018

So once I finally got to Bangkok Airport (late because the taxi lady didn't know the way) I booked into the lounge and ate lots of finger sandwiches and cakes. The flight was delayed 2 hours but then when we finally boarded there was a technical issue in the cockpit which meant we had to sit on the plane for 3 more hours before we could take off. Fortunately they gave us free access to the movies/music for the entire flight because of the delay. Managed to get 6 hours sleep on the flight and then went through security once I got to Melbourne. I'm a massive fan of the TV show 'boarder security' and it was nothing like the show 😒. Sad times. I just walked through, I was all prepared for an interrogation. I then went to the boarder security office. After nearly two months I finally got the lock of my bag (bolt cutters required). Now having a chilled evening at Janelle's, watching 'Married at first sight' and eating Domino's and Lamington (taste like chocolate tea cakes) M&Ms.