Australia · 15 Days · 21 Moments · January 2018

RTs SA Trip with RH & DH 18

1 February 2018

Managed to fit in a spa dip and then offf to Vasarellis for the last supper. Big thank you to Kath and Ian our tour guides!! Finished off the evening with s close up look at the grape harvest. Robert was very excited!!
Last day in Australia until we travel to NZ. Look out for the new blog. We went on a lovely coastal walk - Halett Cove - very interesting geology and superb coastal views. Ideally situated with a cafe at the start for coffee and lunch on our return. Decided to visit Samuel Gorge and Chapel Hill. Two contrasting wineries. Sam Gorge were delicious!

31 January 2018

And some more pics.
Getting to the end of our stay in Willunga! After collecting Ralph ( Claire’s Dog) and getting covered in slobber, we headed off to D’Aranberg Winery otherwise known as the cube. it took 3 years to build and is based on a Rubik’s cube. Really whacky inside. Art, loos, and fabulous lounge and tasting area with panoramic views. Lovely wine selection which went on for 3 hours. Then off to Angoves for a cheese and wine lunch. Home for a nap then over to Scott and Georgia’s new House which was lovely and had lots of 70’s trendy furniture. Then over to Kiran and Andy’s for dinner. They had prepped 3 amazing curries. A great evening before we went home and watched Ian repairing the water filter while we drank whisky. A perfect ending to the day!

30 January 2018

Dropped in at K1 and Dog Ridge for some more wine tasting. The cat took a liking to Robert’s jacket! Had a great stir fry meal cooked by Kath and plenty of Langmeil Shiraz. Ian was on good form telling us how to train dogs. Axel was impressed! Went off to Murray Bridge and had a great trip on a paddle steamer. (Not to be confused with a pedalo!). Fish and chips for lunch was fab.

28 January 2018

Willunga Market and Green Juice. Lovely to meet Lexi and her family. Over to Claire and Ben’s for a fantastic vegan dinner and great to catch up with Vic and Carmel again. Saw the koala. Brilliant sunset from Claire’s window. Di’s Birthday lunch and went to Coriole to see Twelfth Night with Nick and Dawn and co and had a great meal afterwards. Met the cast and had a chat - the whole event was really well done. Great day hope Di enjoyed it!

26 January 2018

Jan 26th Australia Day Celebration in Willunga. Free breakfast, flag raising and singing the anthem. Good stuff. We went over to Goolwa on the coast where it was a bit cooler. Bit of live music and fab brisket of beef baps with sweet potato chips. Yummy 😄

25 January 2018

Adelaide Oval pics
Art Gallery Pics
Two days visiting Adelaide City Centre. Day one we went to sort out a suitcase problem - Judy’s was damaged in flight. So we did a bit of shopping. Rob got some shorts and tee shirt. Day two and we arrived early and visited the Botanical Gardens, Art Gallery and Museum, before heading over to The Oval. Where else could you look around a ground, watch the England team in the nets and visit their museum al at no charge! Brilliant. After ice coffee we set of home for some take away pizza. Delicious! - oh and a glass of red wine, or two!

23 January 2018

We went onto Tanundah to their large winery and on to the small Langmeil Winery (my fave) before heading back for a chilli Kath knocked up. Delicious with a bottle or three of Shiraz. Today we popped over to the livestock market which Rob was very excited about! We made sure he didn’t bid on anything!! Ian insisted on a pie on the way home. Interestingly we all had chicken pie!
Kath and Ian thought we should drive over to the Barossa to try some of their wines. On the way we stopped off at Hahndorf - an early German settlement. I’m sure Kate and Matt will remember it. We checked out the leather shop - some lovely croc belts for £150! The funny tee shirts and undies were good value though. Rob thought about some Duck Martins to rival the R M Williams boots! After coffee we took in Bird in Hand Winery (one of my faves) and we sat in their garden set in the Adelaide Hills with a glass of their sparkling. We met up with Ian here as he arrived on his motorbike.

22 January 2018

After the storm the calm! A bit cooler this morning so I took Axel for a walk up the hill before breakfast. We’ve been here for three days and we thought we had better hit the famous McLaren Vale Cellar Doors! We started with coffee and cake at Wirra Wirra would you believe! Things soon progressed as Robert and I worked our way through 11 of their best reds - well it had just turned noon! Kath then insisted we drove on to Graham Stevens Winery. He had retired several years ago but then decided to start again growing Shiraz and Grenache grapes. He and his daughter ran the whole enterprise and we met them both and their dog who greeted us with a freshly caught rabbit! We went through his range and particularly enjoyed his unique port style fortified reserve Shiraz and his sparkling Grenache. We had a very informative chat and bought the aforementioned reds and a couple of his Family Shiraz 2015 to add to our Wirra Wirra Woodhenge Shiraz. A good mornings shopping! Cheers!

21 January 2018

After Kath had cooked a lovely risotto, we took Axle for a walk down to the spring to see Ian’s water pump. Lots of spectacular photos of the sunset and as it went dark we had to hurry back to beat a heavy down pour and thunder and lightning.
Another very hot day but that didn’t stop us taking the MG and VW along the coast road to see the Bhudist temple, the reservoir and onto Normanville for lunch. En route we stopped off at the private airfield for coffee and chatted to Pete, a local wine grower and pilot, who showed us around the aircraft including a beautiful Tiger Moth. We drove on to Victor Harbour and walked across to Granite Island to see the sculpture park. The breeze on the coast was a welcome relief.

20 January 2018

Just a few photos from last nights BBQ at Nick and Dawns. We were drinking Ian, Nick and Steve’s home made wine 2015 vintage. It is brewed under the WANC label and was really very good - we just drank too much of it.
Big race day today. The cycle “Race Down Under” - think Tour d’France. We met up with Scott, Georgie, Andrew & Kieran, Ben and Claire. Lovely to see them all again. Watched the race from the Salopian Inn, then Willinga High Street and at the finish on the top of Willunga Hill. Very exciting finish with Richie Port from Tasmania winning. He has won this race five times in the past and this was only his third competitive ride after breaking his hip! Still time for Colin! Check out the Fast Boys cycle shirt and the kangaroo on the bike on top of the car. We are off to Nick and Dawn’s for a Barbie tonight - bring on the “snags”!

19 January 2018

Such a hot day today - over 40 degreesC. Took our flight to Adelaide and noticed Judy’s case was smashed on the corner. Can feel a claim coming on! Kath and Ian kindly came to meet us and we found a lovely welcome waiting for us! Like coming home!! After a cuppa we popped down to Willunga for the street market after a beer in the middle pub. Caught up with a few folks we had met last year which was good. Aldinga for curry st 7:30 - well it was Friday - lovely food and then onto the beach with the other drivers and a late night paddle. We managed to crack open a lovely Dalmore Whisky we had picked up at the airport! Perfect start to this part of our trip!

18 January 2018

Carpet art, stone sculptures and a fabulous array of dresses from Japan! And I forgot to mention Venus Williams was having dinner at Chin Chins with us too! Not bad for the first day - eat your heart out James Taylor!
Here we are in Oz - enjoying the first part of our trip with Rob & Di and Kath and Ian. A 24 hour flight is not much fun! Melbourne is a lovely just as we remember and we have a great apartment for 2 nights in Collins Street. We had breakfast and shopped in the market and Di bought lots of touristy pressies. Rob and I bought biltong, cheese and bum burner chorizo! We popped down to Federation Square and on to the National Victoria Gallery. What a brilliant exhibition - the Triennial. Had tea then met up with Jess, Katie’s friend from Wenlock. It was lovely to see her! We then went up to Chin Chins for a lovely Thai fusion meal before taking a tram back to Batman’s Hill Apartment. Coffee and doughnuts then bed! Jet lag, what jet lag!
Art from pan scrubbers, clothes pegs, street posters and a range of media from all around the world.