United Kingdom, Barbados · 22 Days · 55 Moments · February 2016

Aurelia's odyssey through Barbados

21 March 2016

Good bye Barbados Goodbye Albert had a great time in this system all good things come to an end. 😥😂😂😥😥😥

20 March 2016

Sunday tradition man cutting coconuts and pouring juice into plastic containers $12 taste real good
Goodbye dear friends parting is such sweet sorrow last meeting in Ro Endezvous congregation
Painted this wall at Kingdom Hall in readiness for memorial on Wednesday more on me than wall
Plenty of coconut water on tap as you only small ones left beautiful flowers

17 March 2016

Bridgetown harbour lots of yachts boats and the famous Jolly Roger
Albert posing as Captain Rogers his parrot and wooden leg gone walk about
Today at 6:47 well hot now
Thursday 17/3/16 sunrise at 6:15 Barbados time yes I got real early went for a walk and caught this lovely view

16 March 2016

James is not here sent that by mistake but he wishes he was her
Konkees. For breakfast
Walked along the broad walk water very warm
Hasting rock christchurch
Along this wooden path called the broad walk my mad people jog in the heat up an down it . The more sensible do a brisk walk early morning or after 6pm or later to walk dinner off

14 March 2016

Sunset from my cousin house over looking. The Caribbean Sea
Payne's beach on the west coast . Got video I'll send on what's app don't know how to send on here
SouthernBeach Palm Hotel in Christchurch were bro Trotman work as events manager treated us to a delightful plate of fish cakes side salad as it was happy hour he gave us 4 free drinks Cost $369 for one night ouch !
This morning walk along Dover beach at 6:30

12 March 2016

Brother and sisters did hall and food
Ralph and Jasmine 50th wedding anniversary party
Sunset in St George paridh
This use to be a plantation now used as reception place
Pudding and souse everyone eats this on Saturday( pudding is sweet potato souse is hot pickled pork some breadfruit in it)

11 March 2016

Dinner with friends Friday night at Champers Christchurch Barbados real posh check it out on line . Sits on a low cliff edge sea view.

10 March 2016

Went to animal cave flower which has sea urchins but was closed due to these high waves have to go back again. Pic of Albert and sister
st Lucy the only parish to be named after a women said to be held up by 11 men as she is at the top of island(norh) Saw this lovely kingdom hall
Beach at st Peter oldest parish in Barbados

9 March 2016

Steak was just right
Music night
Harbour light dance night
Dad dancing
Night out at harbour lights Bridgetown

8 March 2016

So hot today my scalp was burning had to put an umbrella up. Sat on the beach
Ooh found them washed a shore . Zoom in to see little sand crab
Goodbye Albert has no idea where he is can't see a thing water in ears and oops lost de teeth
A lovely enclosed beach in oistins

7 March 2016

Kingdom Hall on site shared with Two congregations the 1st to have air-con bringing home seats really comfy
Only 9 bros and sis in bethel 9 in total a few commute lovely paintings a sister cleaning on arrival knows you James
Can you remember the names James ?
A long walk up two steep hills to prospects heights to bethel sign posted and beautiful sea view seen from all bedrooms

6 March 2016

Kingdom Hall built in 1965 just out side Worthing has a Spanish group attached to it

4 March 2016

Albert, lolly,Paul his stepbrother and wife in oistins Friday night
Lunch and more rum punch at Sudbury plantation house inSt Philip
At Bathsheba getting feet sea real rough a lot of seaweed on shore
Island tour and more rum and banana cake

3 March 2016

Bridgetown capital of Barbados
Two carts within 200yards spot the difference

1 March 2016

Miami fish cakes and rum punch need to lay down
So hot it burns your feet to walk on the sand great rum punch found the rum not the punch
Had local breakfast then went to Miami beach.

29 February 2016

All packed for three weeks no this is just hand luggage