Europe · 19 Days · 33 Moments · July 2016

Audrey 's odyssey through Spain

11 August 2016

Sleepy girls en route to Gothenburg. Last journey the 4 of us!
The bridge to nowhere

10 August 2016

Fredericksburg have

9 August 2016

Yoko Ono's wishing trees hit Copenhagen

6 August 2016

Gay pride

5 August 2016

Inside the arc
Stopover in Belfast. Much love to the family xxxx

3 August 2016

Lovely accommodation in Rotterdam
A very sleepy Tate
Notre dame

2 August 2016

So soaked from the constant rain that the prospect of falling in when we walked around the edge didn't concern is at all
Gallerie Lafyette. Very much window shopping
Beautiful Monet
Muse d'orsay

1 August 2016

La vie de le frog; Nous sommes en Paris Please excuse my French Je ne peux parle francais
Missing my doo very much
What can I get for you?
Just made it on to the train.

31 July 2016

3rd of the day
2nd ice lolly of the day...they're getting bigger
Cathedral gothic
Park Guell, sagrada familia, El Ravel

30 July 2016

Just wanting to jump in- melting in Barcelona
The cathedral that we are too promiscuous for: 'short skirts allowed but not those skirts'
All marzipan!

29 July 2016

First train of the interailing!! Malaga-Madrid

26 July 2016

Cortijo Bujio

24 July 2016

Too early