North America · 8 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Limitless Class' voyage in Dominican Republic

9 June 2017

You probably had to be there but these sayings make us laugh: * Ms Polk got me dead * she pressed * pop, lock, and drop it, that's my favorite thing * 🙄 I didn't know that was a thing * I feel like I'm going camping * I feel like I've been camping * I feel like I was just in a foreign country * remember: no toilet tissue in the toilet 🤔 * 🙄 I can't * she got a song for everything * use bottled water to brush your teeth * come on people I fed * I'm confused, what are we doing
Sayings from our journey: * tell me why... * That's Sick * Dead * bailar * Dang Malaika * numero y nombre * Malaika got that bait * 🤣😂🤣🤣😂 * Go to sleep * I'm going to give you 5 minutes * do you have your bug spray, water, and sun screen * no no no * siete pollo * drink water -- eat fruit * que -- donde -- aqui * Limitless lit for life * you're my spirit animal

7 June 2017

Wednesday Night: Fun at the Monumento de Santiago
Wednesday Afternoon: Let's take a moment to reflect.
Wednesday Afternoon: Varnishing tables/benches and cleaning up the BBQ Pit area.
Wednesday Morning: creating and providing maintenance to the terraces

6 June 2017

Tuesday Evening/Night: Fun with our new friends
Tuesday Afternoon: Back to finish painting!
Tuesday Morning: cutting bamboo to build a gate in the forest making it more safe; creating stairs on what is a slanted slope of ground

5 June 2017

Monday Afternoon: waterfall
Monday Afternoon: working at the Environmental School #DR_ServiceLearning
Monday morning: pulling weeds and planting seeds
Monday morning: Nursery Tour before we get out work assignments

3 June 2017

Saturday Afternoon: 1st visit to the Environmental School in Jarabacoa.
Saturday Morning: Colonial Tour in Santo Domingo
Friday Night: Our delayed flights caused us to miss the dinner EF had planned for us so our Tour Director took us to an open restaurant riverside.

2 June 2017

It was an adventure of delayed flights and gate changes but alas we arrived safely.
Landed safely in Miami. Flight delayed 😶
Silly escalator moment at DCA
Waiting for the shuttle to go to the airport.