United States of America · 20 Days · 4 Moments · August 2017

Audra and Dad's Yellowstone Journey

2 September 2017

A good 1st day. Traveled from Sacramento to Salt Lake and then to Bozeman Montana. Headed to the Community Co-op for organic and healthy food and snacks in Bozeman. Dad wanted to go to IHOP for a mid afternoon breakfast. In the co-op, the first person he sees he asks do you know where the IHOP is? No i'm not from here. Next person, do you know where the IHOP is? Yes, it's blah blah blah. As we are leaving, a tall woman that we saw when we first walked in that is 6'3, as he walks out of the market, he sees the tall girl sitting at a picnic table eating and says, "hey, how tall are you?" He gets no response and goes, "hmm" and keeps walking. I walked on not waiting on him. When we got to the car, I was so mad at him and hold him that that was very rude and how disrespectful that was to say that to that girl. I drove us to Gardiner Montana to the Comfort Inn. We went to dinner at the Raven Grill. It's was so good. Dad had the buffalo burger and I had the seafood ragout. Suc
Hanging out with Dad at Salt Lake City Airport, Utah. Another hour before departure. Planning what we are going to in Cody, WY. Downloaded the Journi App so we can track our travels and pictures.

14 August 2017

A great picture