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Au pair adventures in Zurich

11 July 2015

Kilmainham Gaol.
Whiskey tasting, our favorite pub, and 40th birthdays.

10 July 2015

Dublin adventures. Trinity College, castle, and St. Patrick's cathedral.
Dublin adventures. Trinity College, castle, and St. Patrick's cathedral.

27 June 2015

View from the top of St. Peter's.

26 June 2015

Roman Forum!
Rome. Vatican, random and Colosseum.

6 June 2015

Gorgeous landscapes in the Netherlands!

5 June 2015

Vrolik Museum, Amsterdam.
Beautiful Amsterdam.

23 May 2015

More Barcelona <3
Barcelona, Day 2

22 May 2015

Barcelona, Day 1

9 May 2015

Zurich dance festival, where I got to both watch performances and take classes :)

27 April 2015

Smash putt with my Seattle crew!

24 April 2015

Heading home for a visit!

23 April 2015

Fun at Technorama, the science museum.

19 April 2015

Red Cross museum in Geneva. Very powerful experience and the most engaging and interactive museum I've ever visited!

18 April 2015

Stumbled on and participated in a protest for migrant's rights. This article is from last year, but gives a good overview of the situation:
Very, very late, but here are some photos from my weekend in Geneva.

5 April 2015

More miscellaneous awesome.
John Lennon wall.
Miscellaneous awesome.

4 April 2015

St. Matthew's Fair in Praha.
I attended mass on Easter Sunday at St. Vitrus cathedral inside the Prague castle. It was spectacular.

3 April 2015

Prague day 3. Sunset views from the Petrin tower.
Sedlec Ossuary part 1.
Sedlec Ossuary part 2!

2 April 2015

Day 2 in Prague: Old Town market and sunset views from the Charles Bridge.
Day 2 in Prague: Jewish quarter cemetery.

1 April 2015

Day 1 in Prague: Kafka museum and gravesite.

30 March 2015

Neues Museum on Museum Island, an UNESCO World Heritage site. There was much more than bones and sarcophagi there, but obviously these were my favorite exhibits ;)
More of the East Side Gallery.
My favorite excursion: the East Side Gallery!
Beautiful park!
Found a gorgeous cemetery while exploring the east side.

29 March 2015

I stayed at the Cat's Pajamas hostel, which had a funky vibe to it and some interesting d├ęcor.
Random artwork and architecture.
Weekend trip to Berlin! Day 1: The Reichstag building and surrounding memorials.

28 March 2015

Bubbles in front of the opera house on a Saturday morning.

24 March 2015

Lovely birthday surprise from the family!

23 March 2015

Spent the day by the water. I love this city so much!
Stumbled upon the Chinese Garden today, titled: "Three Friends of Winter". The name refers to the symbolism of three plants: pine, bamboo and the cherry blossom. The garden is a gift from the South Chinese city of Kunming, in recognition of its partnership with Zurich. This partnership began as a cultural exchange and evolved to include sustainable urban development (namely the expansion of Kunming's drinking water supply and drainage systems). It is GORGEOUS!

15 March 2015

So much natural beauty at the Rheinfall.
Historical exhibit at the Rheinfall. Very neat tribute to the people who supported and loved this landmark.

14 March 2015

The Zoological Museum had some great things to see, however I admit I was not expecting to find Wolverine or Dracula there...

1 March 2015

Beautiful hike for some amazing sunset and nighttime views.
The Acropolis Museum, which is built over the top of Roman ruins that you can view through the glass floor. The museum houses (among many other sights) the statues and other decor that have been removed from the Parthenon. There are empty places left as an invitation to Britain to return the pieces they have taken back to their rightful home.

28 February 2015

Temple of Zeus, ancient library, our tour guide up to the Acropolis (dogs and cats everywhere!), and a toast with Santorini wine to end the day :)
Athens' oldest cemetery.
Athens for the weekend!! The Acropolis: Dionysus theater, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Partnenon and Erectheion! Random history: the bulk of the damage done to the Parthenon occurred while under attack by Venetian forces, because it happened to be where the Ottoman Turks chose to store their gunpowder :/ My favorite story is the one behind the Erechtheion! (Last 2 photos) It is where Athena and Poseidon fought for patronage of the city. Athena won by giving the Greeks the gift of the olive tree.

25 February 2015

...of the road and had a great view. The performers threw candy, flowers, fruit, onions (yes, onions), drinks and outrageous amounts of confetti to the crowd. When I say outrageous amounts, I mean it. You couldn't see the street and had to wade through it by the end! The second parade was that night in the same town. All the businesses turned out their lights and huge torches were carried and rolled through the streets. These pillars of fire lit up the crowd and surrounding buildings, and were absolutely gorgeous to see! The final parade was the Morgenstreich in Basel. At 4 am the city's lights are put out and the lantern parade composed of "Cliques" takes over the streets. These Cliques are small groups who march while playing the piccolo and drums, and do not follow fixed routes. Every so often one Clique will need to stop to allow another to pass. Most participants wear head lanterns, others are carried and the largest are mounted on carts. Check out the pictures below!
February is carnival time in Switzerland, when Fastnacht celebrations occur across the country. I spent about 24 hours traveling and watching parades last weekend and was exhausting, but well worth it :) Sarcastic portrayals of current local issues dominate the visual aspects of these celebrations, accompanied by pipes and drums. Performers wear a large variety of costumes and full face masks (Larve), and distribute flyers of ironic verse (Zeedel) as they walk by. I collected a few of these, and I plan to work on translating them. I saw three parades, two in Liestal and one in Basel: The first parade I witnessed was a total accident! I had arrived early to town with a friend in hopes of doing a little sight seeing prior to the fire parade set for that evening. Less than five minutes after we arrived, we were suddenly surprised to see a drum line walking toward us down the street! This turned out to be perfect timing as we were able to scoot quickly scoot to the side...

23 February 2015

Basel Morgenstreich, part 2.
Basel Morgenstreich.
Mural of famous figures discovered in a Basel alley.

22 February 2015

Liestal fire parade.
Liestal fire parade, part 2
Liestal daytime parade, part 2.
Liestal daytime parade, part 1.

21 February 2015

Took the Dolderbahn up to go running in the woods today. It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful, and sure to become a part of my daily routine!

17 February 2015

Parents, if you are ever in Zurich and have the chance to take your kids to Trampolino, do it! It was a blast for everyone and the toys are even big enough for adults to use ;p

14 February 2015

Zurich West
Chocolate and wine tasting. So much yum.

8 February 2015

Tour of the city: history of Fraumuenster (Zurich was run by a woman for most of the 11-13th centuries), remnants of Roman occupation, the largest church clock face in europe, Lenin's place of residence and the home of Monty, famous neighborhood feline.

5 February 2015

"Karaoke from Hell" at the Kinski Klub, with a live band! Awesome fun.

18 January 2015

Hiking in the mountains!

17 January 2015

More Lugano beauty.
Renovations of a church in Lugano. So beautiful!

16 January 2015

Silly faces are a must.

15 January 2015

10 January 2015

Chocolate factory.

3 January 2015

Day 1!