Vanuatu · 1 Days · 6 Moments · September 2016

Attempted passage to Vanuatu!

1 September 2016

Day 6 - james and I spent half the day sorting more stuff out and then went on a dinghy ride around the harbour. Currently on the bus to AKl and leaving for Queenstown on Saturday!
Day 5 - motored through the night and arrived in Opua on Wednesday morning around 0530. Spent the day clearing the boat up, taking sails down etc. dave left after lunch as he would have to fly back to Aus.
Day 4 - james decided it would be a good idea to sail back to Nz as we couldn't continue with storm damage. Murphy's law, it was ideal sailing to Vanuatu weather on the way back as we were motoring back to nz. Very disappointed we didn't make it.
Day 3 - Got off my second night shift at 0600, went to sleep, was back up on deck at 0800 to utter chaos. 6m swells, driving rain and freezing cold. Huge storm ripped main and head sails, whipping sheets attacked paddle board which went overboard along with a ladder. Stainless steel shackles torn off, things flying about in the cabin. Mayhem. James and dave said they had never seen anything like it. Engine wasn't getting us anywhere and we had lost steering. We decided to sit dead in the water for basically the whole day and until Tuesday morning. I couldn't go below deck otherwise I would feel sick.
Day 2 - further preparations up until midday when we finally left! Lovely sail through the channel out to the open ocean. Great weather. First watch was good and we were sailing well.
Day 1 - bus up to opua from Auckland, arrived at the boat just after lunch. Saw Jess and the kids off and got started with preparations for the boat. Dave arrives after dinner, we all had a couple of beers and went to bed, ready for the big day.