Netherlands · 7 Days · 10 Moments · October 2014

Atiqah Zakiah

Atiqah: Netherlands For The First Time

11 October 2014

I reaaaally liked the Rijksmuseum! The environment and ambience is really relaxing and there's so much about the dutch culture to learn. Especially I find how the europeans do museums are really great - you get a device and you punch in the numbers of an exhibit to learn more.
they had set up a carnival at the dam square one of the weekends we were there, we went up the ferris wheel and had a really nice view
What could be more perfect? Taking a tourist shot, eating comfort food and getting to see the sun set 😍

6 October 2014

Flea Markets, Bubbles and Pancakes!

5 October 2014

walking around Dam Square enjoying the atmosphere and cool air! enjoying local treats and taking various transports like the rickshaw and the boat through the canals
Walked around the city from the hotel to the flower market bought some stuff along the way at h&m and hema
Room at leisegracht hotel!
Took a shower and mother's previous apartment!
Train ride to Amsterdam central!
Amsterdam bound!