Greece · 3 Days · 13 Moments · March 2017

Athens, Mediterranean mood

20 March 2017

Bar de Maria. Comida muy rica4
Terrace life I am still missing it. The life in that terrace and the spectacular view

19 March 2017

Exarquia Street art in the hipster neighborhood. The prices were not so cheap as on the other part of the city but normal fur german people.
Rozalia Spectacular! The lamb was really good and the pan of the photo as well! The location in a middle of a transient street remembers to a typical Mediterranean neighborhood.
Dust on the bus, along the Attica Impressive, one the most beautiful dust, I have ever ever seen in my life. The come back travel from sunion's cap is always to be like this.
Temple of Poseidon (Danone temple) The pearl of the Sunion's Cap. The visit is a must, if you have more than two days in Athens. The temple has still some columns which are from the antique times,however it is almost reconstructed. A fully shame. To get to the temple, you should take a bus from the city which takes around hour and a half.
Write your life in a bottle
Lofos Likavitou Ascension of around 20 minutes to have one of he best view of the city. The mount gives the view of a fully Athens. It deserves to spend 2 hours to go up and down.
Athens lebendig immer Es ist so schön! Jede Strasse hat ihre Geschichte und kann was erzählen und auch die Menschen. Man kann einfach sehen wie sie einen richtigen Aufwand brauchen, um die steilen Strassen zu laufen.
Syntagma Square The place where the king Otto decided to make a constitutional monarchy in 1843 was as well where Syriza became stronger and stronger against the Troika. Half marathon

18 March 2017

Dust at the appartment It was a really tough day, walking around, but the view of the apartment makes everything easier :)
Acropolis Centuries have past and it is again impressive, this hill congregated all the political power, the government and the democracy of the Greek Imperium. It is getting renovated, but nevertheless it is amazing to get there, contemplate the majesty of Athens and the Nike temple.
City center of athens, formed by the neighborhoods of monastiraki, plaka and anafiotika. From exarchia to monastiraki, it will appear for example the central market which looks as a typical market in the street. Later on, the Roman agora appears which is smaller than the old Greek ancient agora but closer to the city center. Afterwards, we were looking for the Acropolis entrance through plaka and we discovered a lot of small streets which deserves a walk, beauty, narrow streets with no organization.